Dryer Hot When Not Running? 4 Surprising Reasons!

Do you know why the dryer hot when not running? If not yet. Then don’t worry. We are here to help you out. A grounded dryer heating element is one of the most common causes of a dryer getting hot while it isn’t in use.

The grounded heating coils within the dryer are in contact with another metal item, causing it to create heat when it shouldn’t. 

If the heater switch on the motor is locked in the on position, or if a defective timer continues to feed electricity to the heater, a problem in the cycling thermostat and restricted airflow are the leading causes of this issue. So if you are interested in this article and want to learn more, keep on reading. Below we have discussed these reasons in detail and how to fix these issues. So let’s have a close look at it!


Dryer Getting Hot When Not Running-Reasons

Sometimes it happens that your dryer is not working correctly because of some defective elements in your dryer. Stop thinking more about why dryer hot when not running. Below we have discussed a few possible reasons in detail that assist you out from this problem. Let’s start. 


#1. Cycling thermostat

A cycling thermostat is included in most dryers and is meant to cut off the heating element when the temperature becomes too high. The clothes dryer should emit too much heat if such an element is defective or misbehaving. The cycling thermostat is a bit metallic device that’s usually found in the dryer’s back panel, but you’ll have to remove it to get to it. You may use a multimeter to test the cycling thermostat to see whether it needs to be replaced. Place each meter’s probes on the wire terminals after removing the thermostat. The electrical flow is good if the multimeter reads 0 or close to 0. You must replace the thermostat if the meter reads infinity.

Cycling thermostats are affordable and simple to repair, so give it a shot before shelling out big money for a modern tumble dryer.


#2. Grounded heating element

A grounded heating element seems to be the most typical cause of a dryer that gets hot even while not in use. The coils of the heating element may fracture overage and get into touch with other metallic components of the dryer. Even if the dryer isn’t turned on, the flow of electrons will keep flowing and raise the temperature of the coils. A grounded heating element may be highly hazardous to the dryer and the rest of the house. As a result, if you learn that this is indeed the source of the issue, you must address it right away. Meanwhile, unplug the dryer from the wall socket and turn off the main power supply to keep it from heating more.


#3. Stuck motor heater switch

A motor turns the drum of every dryer. As hot air goes through and evaporates any moisture, the items within the dryer will tumble freely. More crucially, dryer motors have a heater-connected switch. A heat switch or heating switch is another name for this. It’s a centrifugal switch that only provides electricity to the heater while the motor is on and rotating, no matter what it’s named on your dryer model.

The switch will disengage and cease delivering power to the heater as soon as the drying cycle concludes and the motor stops rotating. The dryer and heater should lose heat as a result.

The issue about the motor heater switch is that it can sometimes become locked in the on mode. Therefore, even if the dryer operation is finished and the unit isn’t turned on, the switch would keep the heater on and keep the dryer warm. Visually checking the terminal block of the motor will reveal the problem. However, you must first unplug the dryer’s power source for safety reasons. It’s recommended to replace the motor heater switch if it shows any misbehaving. 

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#4. Problematic timer

Many dryers still use timers to control their operations. Behind the control panel are the timers. They are made up of a tiny engine and wheels that assist switch in and out electrical connections. In layman’s words, the timer organizes the dryer’s functions by only powering specified elements, including the dryer’s heating element, when they’re required.

When the timer beeps to indicate the completion of the process, neither electrical connections will draw energy, and all of the dryer’s components will shut down. Your dryer’s timer may be broken if it becomes hot when it’s not in use. Even after the drying cycle is complete, the electrical connections in the dryer that are attached to a heating coil are trapped in the ‘on’ position. Because of this problem, it happens that even when you’re not using the dryer, the heating element will continue to get power and heat up. Replacing the wrong time is the remedy to fix this problem. 


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that from this article you all will learn why the dryer hot when not running. Below we have discussed all the possible reasons for heating the dryer. We hope you all will understand it just in one go. And always keep in mind that the most common reason for heating dryers is faulty dryer heating elements. Thank you, friends, for being with us! Click on these links to read related articles; know how to fix a dryer that won’t spin and why my dryer won’t spin.

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