How To Host The Ultimate Drive By Baby Shower

If you’re considering having drive by baby shower, you should read this ultimate hosting guide. We’ve included everything from the invitations, food, decorations, favors, and even the etiquette for guests when they bring gifts at this unique party. 

The drive-by baby shower is a great way to celebrate with family and friends while still distancing safely, especially if there are health concerns to manage. But if you want a more thorough explanation about this baby shower in cars, you can read what is a drive-by baby shower for additional reference. 

drive by baby shower


Everything To Know About Hosting A Drive By Baby Shower

Nowadays, there are different ways to throw baby showers, especially during the pandemic when distancing is required to maintain health protocols. A unique way to celebrate with loved ones is to have them in cars to maintain distance from people at the party, and this is called the drive-by baby shower. 

However, even if distancing at a party is no longer as strictly enforced, you can still have a drive-by baby shower with everyone. It will definitely be a memorable experience for the expecting parents as family and friends “drive by” their place to show their support for the baby on the way. 


What is a drive-by baby shower?

A drive-by baby shower gives you the premise from its name. Guests in their cars will “drive by” the expecting mom or both parents to show their support and love.


The premise of the distancing party

The guests can plan a parade and honk, leave their presents at a distance, and then be on their way. And since distancing nowadays is not as strictly implemented, there are other modifications to make the drive-by party more memorable and personal to everyone. 


How drive-by baby showers look like today

Instead of not leaving their cars, the guests can quickly hop out of them to quickly greet and catch up with the mom and/or dad-to-be. The host might also arrange a food table with snacks and favors the guest can quickly grab before returning to their car. 

Because of these things, the drive-by baby shower becomes similar to the drop-in baby shower. You can read more about this modern baby shower in what is a drop-in baby shower as it’s also a party where guests visit briefly.  


How to host a drive-by baby shower 

There are many advantages of throwing drive-by baby showers compared to your usual in-person party. The mom-to-be might prefer a short celebration with loved ones, the budget for the event is limited, or there might be health restrictions that still need to be practiced, and distancing is still encouraged. 

And to ensure that you’ll still have the best drive-by baby shower with family and friends, here are some things and tips you can use as guidelines: 

  1. Set a budget for the drive-by baby shower
  2. Plan with the expecting mom and dad the best date and time for them to have the distancing party
  3. Send the invitations to everyone, but make sure you’ve checked with the parents-to-be regarding the people they’d want to see; the drive-by baby shower invitations should be sent 3 to 6 weeks before the event
  4. Prepare and set up tables by the curb; for the drive-by baby shower, you’ll have a table for food and favors that guests can take home
  5. Have a table by the curb with a label that it’s for gifts, so guests know where they can put what they brought
  6. Prepare a comfortable spot for the expecting mom (e.g., add a fan and make sure that the area is shaded for her comfort)
  7. Decorate the yard and house for the party; even though the celebration is short, you still want to create an upbeat ambiance for the drive-by baby shower, so don’t hesitate to use banners, streamers, and balloons to dress up the space
  8. Prepare goodies and favors for the guests that are easy to grab; think of cookie bags and snacks that they can munch on while driving, like popcorn 
  9. Schedule a virtual gift-opening; check with the parents-to-be if they want to do the tradition of opening gifts in front of family and friends; otherwise, there are other options for an immersive celebration, like online games and wisdom chats with other experienced parents


Where to host a drive-by baby shower?

The drive-by baby shower is typically hosted at the new mom and dad’s house. The benefit is that the pregnant mom won’t have to travel a distance, and the gifts they receive from everyone will already be by their doorstep. 

The guests won’t also spend on shipping their gifts, and the host won’t need to prepare a separate venue for the party. But as the host, you still need to communicate with the parents-to-be as you’ll prepare the outside of their place for the drive-by shower. 


How long is a drive-by baby shower?

A drive-by baby shower is usually under an hour long. It’s shorter than the traditional in-person party, so the host should plan the “parade” of the cars to manage traffic and the time when guests drive by the mom-to-be’s house. 

Do guests step out of their cars at a drive-by baby shower? Guests don’t need to step out of their car as they can hand their gifts and wave or greet the mama-to-be at a distance. 


Who hosts the drive-by baby shower?

Any close family or friend can throw the expecting mama her baby shower. But what if no one volunteers to throw your baby shower?

It’s perfectly acceptable for the mama-to-be to ask someone very close to them to help them throw their drive-by baby shower. It’s not as meticulous to plan and host, and it wouldn’t need a big budget like an in-person party. 


Can I host my drive-by baby shower?

The expecting parents can also throw their own drive-by baby shower. Of course, it might make you feel weird to set up a gift table for guests, but remember that it’s expected in baby showers for the new mom and dad to receive gifts for their baby. 

However, it’s best to prepare a favor or goodie table as a way to thank everyone for coming to your place. You can also handwrite thank you cards for each car. 


Tips for a successful drive-by baby shower

Now that you know the how-tos of throwing the ultimate baby shower, here are additional tips to ensure that the party at a distance will go smoothly and memorably for everyone: 

  • Plan a theme for the drive-by baby shower and prepare cute and fun decorations for the yard and outside of the house where the expecting mom will sit; you can use banners, balloons, garlands, or large stuffed toys and DIY baby toys like baby building blocks from recycled cardboard boxes
  • Inform the guests about the time and duration of the distancing party; drive-by baby showers are only around 30 minutes long, so the guests should drive and stop in their cars at a certain pace for a smooth drive-by baby shower
  • You can also create arrows and signs so guests know where to stop briefly and the directions for driving their car 
  • Make sure the parking and parade are planned around the parents-to-be’s home to avoid causing traffic in their neighborhood
  • Encourage guests to honk and prepare signs to show their love and support to the new mama and papa; make sure not to become a nuisance with the noises in the neighborhood
  • Do not forget to prepare the gift tables and the goodies that guests can take home
  • Plan online activities like virtual baby shower games or send activity packages for guests; for example, you can send guests activity bags for cards they can bring to the mom’s house 

It’s also worth reading about how to plan a drive-by baby shower, as we’ve covered each step for the host in more detail. 


What Do You Write In A Drive By Baby Shower Invitation?

When hosting the drive-by baby shower for the expecting mom, you need to be clear on the invitations to let everyone know about the type of party you’re having. This will also ensure a smooth flow of cars and people to avoid potentially causing any disruption, especially if the parents’ place is in a busy neighborhood. 


Drive-by baby shower invitation wording idea:

We’re having a drive-by baby shower to honor [expecting mom and/or dad’s name]!

Let’s celebrate their family in a unique way. Beep, wave, and show your love and support with creative banners. 

Enjoy the curbside treats and favors, and follow the signs for the card and gift drop. 

You don’t want the baby shower invitations to get super wordy. Therefore, share more information about the distancing party using email or social media with everyone invited. 


What should you put on the drive-by baby shower invitation:

  • Guest of honor’s name/names 
  • Drive by baby shower date and time
  • Complete address of the location/house
  • RSVP details and who to contact
  • Host’s name
  • Baby registry

But more than planning the invitations, do you already know which family and friends should be invited to baby showers? Please read who do you invite to a baby shower and run the guest list with the mama-to-be. 


Do People RSVP For A Drive By Baby Shower?

Guests should RSVP to the drive-by baby shower invitation like any other baby shower. The host should know the people who can attend so they can arrange the time for the cars and the number of favors and food to order or make. 

What should the RSVP date be for a drive-by baby shower? Family and friends should send back their RSVPs two weeks before the party.


What To Serve At A Drive-By Baby Shower?

Food items that are easy to grab and won’t be messy in the car are the best choices for a drive-by baby shower. You can also consider snacks that anyone can munch on while driving or try this menu example for the drive-by party:

  • Treat bags with non-messy snacks and pastries like popcorn, trail mix, cookies, or biscuits
  • Box of chocolates or candies
  • Box of custom baby shower cupcakes 
  • Ice cream cups
  • Finger foods like mini sandwiches or potato skins
  • Cups of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa; you can also personalize the cup and cup sleeve as baby shower favors


Do You Have Food At A Drive By Baby Shower?

Having a food table at a drive-by baby shower is only fitting. You can wait at the curbside and hand the guests their bag or box of goodies as a way to thank them for celebrating with you. 

Since you don’t want the cars to cause traffic, there’s no need for guests to step out of their cars, so avoid food stations where they have to prepare their own food. You should also pack their food well so it won’t spill in the car. 


Drive-By Baby Shower Decorations

If you have no idea what decorations to use for the drive-by baby shower, maybe you’ll find an example or two from this list:

  • Door wreath at the mom’s house
  • Streamers, or you can learn how to make baby shower banners
  • Floral garlands
  • Balloons or a balloon arch by the parents’ chairs outside
  • Stuffed toys
  • Colorful boxes and crates
  • Tables with cloths and centerpieces


Drive-By Baby Shower Favors

Don’t forget to show your gratitude to your loved ones at the drive-by baby shower with these favors: 

  • Personalized air freshener
  • Customized car bobblehead 
  • Coffee beans
  • Tea bag
  • Box of macarons
  • Popcorn bags
  • Trail mix bag
  • S’mores bag
  • Handmade soap
  • Loofah
  • Perfume
  • Hand sanitizers with customized bottle labels


Where Do Guests Leave Gifts At A Drive By Baby Shower?

The drive-by baby shower host will prepare a curbside table and label it to let the guests know where to drop their gifts. Make sure it’s easily visible so everyone knows what it’s for. 

And for people attending baby showers, know the gift etiquette on what to bring to a baby shower



And that’s it! You just read everything you need to know to host the best and most memorable drive by baby shower for the expecting parents. 

Keep in mind that you should still decorate the place as with any other party. And finally, prepare curbside tables for the gifts, tables, and favors, so guests know where to leave their gift or that they can take home a goodie bag since drive-by baby showers don’t need people leaving their cars. 

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