Does Water Heater Work When Power Is Out? 4 Awesome Types!

Are you wondering whether does water heater work when power is out? Stop wondering and read further. There are many things to consider regarding whether a water heater works when power is out.

Most natural gasoline water heaters use a pilot light to heat water even when the power is out. And, because gas water heaters reheat water almost twice as quickly as electric versions, using one for showering during a power outage is still cost-effective. 

Admit this or not, there are numerous types of heaters placed in houses, and most homeowners are ignorant of the differences between every model. When there is a power loss, the various models behave differently. A few will keep working and providing hot water, whereas some will not. Keep reading to learn more.


Water Heater That Can Work When Power Is Out

The gas pilot light on the pilot-controlled gas heater will continue to operate without power. When a power loss happens, the water tank will remain hot for a short period in gasoline heaters with an electric igniter. However, after it gets cold, you won’t be able to re-heat it until the electricity comes back on. Gas heaters with pilot control are helpful since they are dependable. Gas pilot light which was continuous should be used there. The pilot light will heat the water regardless of whether you have electricity.

As a result, there is always hot water accessible. Since they are accurate gas heaters, they are intriguing gas heaters with electronic ignition control. The water is heated by gas. They do, however, use power to start the heating system. Some gas heaters feature tanks, as you can see. They resemble standard electric heaters for the most part. They do, however, heat the water with a pilot light. If you have an electrical gas heater with a tank, the water tank may stay hot for several hours.

However, you won’t be able to reheat it without using power. If a pilot light operates your heater, it will continue to function even if the power goes off. You can still take a warm shower despite the outage. 

You don’t have to wait for the water to get hot because they don’t have a tank. The heating system rapidly heats the water. As a result, users using tankless heaters may shower whenever they choose. Nevertheless, if anything goes wrong with the tankless heater and it stops operating, you won’t have any hot water for the following few hours. These types of on-demand gas heaters have an electronic control board. To put it another way, they cannot function during an outage. On the other hand, a tankless heater does not offer the same benefit. Tankless heaters are handy on the one hand. They’re small and simple to set up. They generally don’t need as much upkeep and maintenance as standard gas heaters.


Water Heater Types And Their Fuel Source

Every home is reliant on a constant supply of heated water to tap. But, if the electricity goes out, will you be able to receive hot water? This is specific to the type of water heater users have and the fuel type. That article will assist you in determining if the hot water supply would remain constant during a power loss. This also helps in understanding does water heater work when power is out.


#1. Tank type gas water heater

Because gas heaters don’t require electricity as a source of fuel, many homeowners believe they will function in the event of a power loss. This is dependent on the sort of gas water heater you have. In the case of a power loss, if your gas water heater employs a continuous gas pilot light, this is probable that it will continue to operate regularly. Because they are not reliant on mains electricity, gasoline water heaters featuring electric flame lighting may continue to function. When you see a power cable linked into the socket and attached to the gas water heater, it is probable that it is powered by the main supply and will only provide hot water for several days if there is a power failure.


#2. Tank type electric water heater

Whether you have an electric-powered tank-style heater, the water heater may cease heating water if there is a power failure. Nevertheless, water that has already been warmed to the point where the power cuts out will stay hot in the insulated container for an extended period. To preserve the leftover hot water as hot as possible while the power is off, cut off the water and power supply to the tank heater. This supply of hot water might last just a few nights.


#3. Tankless gas water heater

Tankless gas water heaters would not need electricity to heat the water; the ‘brain cells’ of the water heater are commonly driven by electric power. Even a tankless gasoline water heater would not operate in a power loss. I guess it’s helpful to read about how it works whole home gas tankless water heaters.


#4. Tankless electric water heater

Because an electrical on-demand water heater requires energy to heat water in the place for instant use, the on-demand electrical water heater would not produce any hot water during a power failure.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned does water heater work when power is out. We have considered various types of water heater and their fuel source by which we determine which water heater may work in a power outage. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about what is the best tankless water heater and how to dispose of a water heater. Thank you, friends, for reading this article till the end.

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