Does Water Heater Make Noise When Heating? 8 Surprising Reasons!

Does water heater make noise when heating? Yes, and it’s due to causes of poor flow of water, sediment and mineral deposits, condensed and leaky tanks, water supply source, heating element condition, and frequent water pressure changes.

The noises may be a rumble, pop, light sizzle, and a crack that a noisy heater can make a troublesome shower causes mentioned above make sense to prevent issues alongside the device, although the task is frustrating.

does water heater make noise when heating

So, here are the causes why a water heater makes noise when heating. This is just an overview, so better read the article further!


Does Water Heater Makes Noise When Heating?

Here is an understanding of why the device makes noise when heating.


#1. Popping

The water heater use results in residue buildup inside the tank, thus creating popping sounds. Clean out the device tank removing the limescale buildup.


#2. Mineral deposit accumulation

The heater tank builds up mineral deposits if it is located in a place with hard water. Water continues to your home, trapping different materials like calcium carbonate and magnesium, but they don’t harm your health.


#3. Sediment buildup

The debris inside the storage tank holds water at a burner’s position so that once it makes heated water, it also creates similar noise to a coffee maker. The noises are created due to bubbling water passing through the sediment layer, so understand the problem as you prepare water into a covered pot that once water gets heated, it then moves and bubbles the lid. While the heater does not pose an explosion, debris still makes an overheating tank, leading to a weaker tank.

The tank with leaks causes issues inside your home that might burst the container. Once you experience these issues, you may need thousands of dollars for the building repairs; that would help if you flushed the water heater as immediately as possible because postponing it for a long time makes it difficult to wash and carry out multiple residues.


#4. Poor flow of water

The sizzling sound comes with a poor water flow, and tracing the issue to the unit valves makes sense. Head on to the pressure and temperature relief valve as the machine emits off the water coming from the storage tank, considering the excess pressure.

You should switch off the water and power supply upon hearing that sizzling sound and ring up the local plumber when performing some repairs and look closely at its valve to control the water flow inside the tank and keep the valves open. Go through the bend lines and search for some possible closed valves to open.


#5. Sizzling, popping, hissing, and crackling

Debris might have covered the components with boiling water once you hear sizzles, pops, hisses, and cracks. In this case, ensure to get the tank empty first and throw the debris away from the heating element. Remove the item from the heater, clean it after soaking in a dish with vinegar and use some wire brush to clean it up.

But once the sediment clogs up the drain valve, it’s challenging to remove the water inside the storage tank. When you must purchase a brand new one, it’s up to you to use the heater that shows leaking signs and identify the leaky tank best with a leak detector for the water heater. Once it searches for a leak, it allows an alarm, which helps detect leaks in a few minutes.


#6. Condensation and leaks

Your water heater makes noise when heating because of condensation and leaks, as this is specifically true after turning off its burner. So, solve the problem by asking for assistance from a local plumber. If you cannot find the leaky heater, search for the spot using a puddle.


#7. Faulty heating component

Water heaters would create humming noises with their heating element above and underneath the heater. Coldwater entering and moving around the tank will shake the top and sound. The hum could leave anyone frustrated but sure thing; it won’t wreck the components, and the heater, so it might fix the problem as you make the heating factor tighter.


#8. Rumbling

The water heater expands the liquid further as it passes in the debris and you will hear a rumbling sound as the water continues to the dir. The tank rumbling would mean a considerable quantity of soil inside the heater; while it does not bring harm, it only shows the heater won’t perform well. Avoid this problem as you remove the land outside the tank that leaves residue and damages the heater and extra costs in the replacements or repairs. And now you get a glimpse into the question, does water heater make noise when heating?


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn the answer to the question, does water heater make noise when heating. The water heater that makes a bubbling noise is due to debris that makes noises of water running that you should check for possible leaks. Check the heating component if the water heater makes noise while heating; many reasons can attribute to the creation of noise, like weak systems and dirty parts in the tankless water heater, so call the nearest plumber to flush the unit out or replace the tank or parts.

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