Do Wedding Rings Have To Match

If you’re curious about do wedding rings have to match, the answer is no. The wedding rings don’t need to match the engagement rings, and you’re also not required to make your rings as husband and wife similar. 

And speaking of wedding rings, do you want to start buying them too? Read when to buy wedding bands to get started. 

do wedding rings have to match


Do Wedding Rings Have To Match?

The bride and groom don’t need to have matching wedding rings. Their wedding rings don’t also have to match the engagement rings. 

However, some couples might prefer matching wedding bands for a more sentimental approach. Buying ring sets, which include the engagement ring and the wedding band, might be the more affordable route as jewelers offer bridal sets at a lower price than individual rings. 

Furthermore, did you know that it was only in the 20th century when men began wearing wedding bands? It was more common back in the day for only the bride to get a ring, but nowadays, double-ring ceremonies are more common. 


Reasons to have matching wedding rings

Traditionally, couples get a matching set as, for them, it represents their unity. Having similar wedding bands would also show that you have similarities. 

Some jewelers even design wedding bands that fit together or have engravings that form a phrase side by side. However, the choice is still up to you and your partner, and no rules limit you to only having a matching pair. 


Reasons to have wedding rings that don’t match

If you choose not to have matching wedding rings, there are also many advantages to getting different wedding band designs. For one, they signify that you and your partner can still express your individualities while being united. 

Your rings can also have some similar features despite being different. Some couples might even be obliged to have different rings as one type might be more comfortable for specific physical features of one spouse. 

And, of course, no partner will feel pressured to buy and wear a matching band they might not like personally. Both of you should be equally happy with the wedding rings as you’ll wear them daily. 


Should Wedding Rings Be The Same Color?

There are no rules dictating to married couples where the wedding rings should match. If you want the same bands but express individuality, you can also ask the jeweler if they can make your rings in different colors. 

But if the wedding rings you and your partner like come in different colors, you can go through with them as there are no expectations to have matching rings at the altar. Usually, the groom opts for the typical yellow gold band, while the bride wears a silver ring that complements her engagement ring. 

Another idea for the modern couple is to have a black wedding band for the groom and a classic golden wedding ring for the bride. If this interests you, refer to what are black wedding bands made of


Do Couples Wear The Same Wedding Ring?

There are no rules for couples and newlyweds to have matching rings. However, it’s common for the bride and groom to choose the same style, color, or metal as their wedding bands. 

They might also get custom rings with engravings that will form a meaningful phrase together or have a feature on the band that will interlock with the other band. But it’s up to you if you prefer different designs and metals for your rings. 

You can choose not to wear the same wedding ring. If budget is an issue and you don’t mind, the bride might even forgo not having a wedding ring and just wear the engagement ring at the ceremony. 


What Color Should Wedding Rings Be?

You can get your wedding rings made from any material of your choice, so no rules limit you to the color of your wedding bands. The colors don’t even have to be matching. 

But if you want to go the traditional route, the most common wedding rings are yellow and made from gold. Nowadays, silver and rose gold are also standard, and men might opt for black wedding bands. 

Regardless, choose a color that’s meaningful for you or something practical for your lifestyle. You can also upgrade in the upcoming years. 


Do Wedding And Engagement Rings Have To Be The Same Metal?

It’s entirely up to you to match wedding and engagement rings. Of course, select metals that complement each other without sacrificing practicality. 

You might also save more if you opt for a bridal set, where it’s likely for the engagement ring to have the same metal as the wedding ring. For styling tips, refer to how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring



And that’s it! To recap do wedding rings have to match, the answer is no, as there are no rules, especially in modern times where couples can express themselves freely.

Your engagement ring and wedding band don’t need the same metal. But in general, it’s up to you, and you can always express individuality with different wedding bands or opt for similar bands to represent the union. 

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