Do The Groom’s Parents Give A Wedding Gift

If you’re unsure whether the groom’s parents give a wedding gift, the answer is yes. However, any wedding gift should be voluntary, including the one from the groom’s parents. 

We will also discuss below the amount expected, when the marriage gift is given, and what the groom’s parents are supposed to pay for the wedding. And if you’re curious about her role, you can also read what does the mother of the groom do on the wedding day

do the groom's parents give a wedding gift


Do The Groom’s Parents Give A Wedding Gift?

The groom’s parents can give a marriage gift to the couple, like the bride’s parents. However, know they’re not obliged, and any wedding gift should always genuinely come from the heart. 

Some families may even pass an heirloom to their son on his wedding day. For example, the groom’s father might pass down his watch, or his mother might give him a ring or necklace he can give to his future spouse. 

If the groom’s parents paid some expenses for the wedding, it’s also acceptable for them not to give a wedding gift. Their share of the wedding budget or paying for the couple’s honeymoon trip can be their exclusive wedding gift. 


How Much Money Should The Parents Of The Groom Give?

Do the groom’s parents have to give a specific amount for their wedding gifts? There are no strict rules on the wedding gift money the groom’s parents must provide. 

But following the wedding etiquette of close family members, it should be at least $100 to $150. If the groom’s parents are separated, then each unit can give $100 separately.

But from the groom’s standpoint, understand that every family is different in its financial capacities. If you know your parents can’t give you a high amount, be grateful for whatever they’ll provide. 

Do not insinuate that you’re expecting a significant amount just because they’re your parents. But if you and your partner think you should be helped with the wedding budget, you can read how to ask parents for money for the wedding. 


Do Groom’s Parents Give Gifts At Rehearsal Dinner?

The groom’s parents usually give their wedding gift to their son and his bride at the rehearsal dinner. But of course, there’s no right or wrong time as long as it wouldn’t affect the schedule and convenience of you and the couple. 

Do the groom’s parents have to bring their gifts to the wedding? If you’re not giving monetary gifts, you can check your son’s wedding registry and have their gift delivered to them for convenience, especially for a destination wedding where bringing a gift would be a hassle while traveling. 

Another option is to give the wedding gift on the morning of the marriage ceremony. It can even be on the last week before the wedding when talking to the couple. 

If you want to help ease the worries of your son, you can also give the present the night before the wedding. Most gifts from parents are meaningful, and they’re best given when talking with the children about getting married


Does The Mother Of The Groom Get The Bride A Gift?

A heartwarming thing the groom’s parents can do, particularly his mother, is to give his bride a present. This can symbolize that you’re welcoming her to the family, and you also get to talk and help her ease the stress during wedding planning. 

Some brides get two bridal showers, whereas the other is exclusive for female relatives like her mom and even the groom’s mom. This is an excellent time to give her a gift, which she’ll surely appreciate as it comes from her partner’s mother. 

Some gift ideas include jewelry and items she can use on her wedding day. You can also just give gifts that she and your son can use for their new home. 

However, remember that you shouldn’t give gifts that can imply something. For example, you don’t want to give baby items to the bride because you’re rushing her to provide you with a grandchild. 


What Do The Groom’s Parents Pay For?

The groom’s parents can give gifts for the marriage ceremony, but they can also pay for the wedding expenses. Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for most of the wedding, but modern families can have their own dynamics. 

Some weddings split the costs between the bride’s and groom’s parents. In some situations, if the groom’s parents are more comfortable giving financially, they’ll pay for most or all of the wedding. 

But from a traditional standpoint, the groom’s parents can shoulder the costs of the rehearsal dinner, corsages and boutonnieres of the groomsmen and best man, accommodation of the groom’s attendants, groom’s attire, and even paperwork and legalities like the fees for the marriage license and officiant. 


Do The Parents Of The Bride And Groom Give Shower Gifts?

It’s up to the groom’s parents if they want to give gifts during the wedding shower. For couples with separate bridal and bro-dal showers, the mother and father can attend separately to give their gifts to the bride and groom. 

Usually, the wedding showers are organized by the best man and maid of honor. You can talk to them if you instead help in paying for hosting these events. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap do the groom’s parents give a wedding gift, the answer is yes. 

However, it should be voluntary, including the amount they’re comfortable giving. The groom’s mom can also choose to give the bride a gift to welcome her to the family. 

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