Do Muslims Wear Wedding Rings

The answer to do Muslims wear wedding rings is yes, but there are some considerations to remember regarding what’s permissible with Islam. We will also discuss what type of wedding ring is allowed to be worn by Muslims and which hand can they wear the ring when married. 

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do muslims wear wedding rings


Do Muslims Wear Wedding Rings?

Muslims can wear wedding rings, but there are rules on how they can be worn in Islam. A Muslim woman can wear the wedding ring on any finger, but a Muslim man can never wear it on the index or middle finger. 

This is per the hadith, and it is said that the Muslim man is Makruh if he wears the ring on the index or middle finger. That said, you can wear the wedding ring on your little finger in your left hand. 

However, some references mentioned a Muslim should wear the wedding ring on the right hand as an accessory. The left hand was preferred in the old days if the ring was used to give seals. 


Causes of wedding ring to be Haram

  • The wedding ring causes trouble for the married couple
  • If the marriage is not for religious means
  • Believing the power of the ring to ensure a strong bond between the married couple
  • Believing that the ring symbolizes a happy family than working toward building a harmonious family 
  • Using the ring to hope for a strong marriage 


Is It Permissible To Wear Wedding Rings In Islam?

Wearing wedding rings is permissible in Islamic marriage, but remember the rules of wearing rings if you intend to. Islam marriage does not undergo dating or engagement, which means exchanging wedding rings is not part of an Islam marriage. 

Furthermore, the Muslim couple must know the causes of wedding rings to be Haram so they can wear them per their religion. Exchanging and wearing wedding rings is not mandatory in a Muslim marriage, and if the couple chooses to wear them, they must remember that the rings are not the symbols of a strong marriage. 


Do Muslims Wear Wedding Rings On The Right Hand?

There are opposing views regarding where should Muslims wear their wedding rings. If you wear the wedding ring in your left hand, you can easily make a seal with it. 

On the other hand, wearing the wedding ring on the right hand is recommended if treating the ring as an adornment. Furthermore, wearing wedding rings on the forefinger or middle finger is not allowed. 


Can Muslims Wear Gold Wedding Rings?

Wearing wedding rings is not unlawful in Islam, but remember that Muslim men cannot wear gold rings. Women, on the other hand, can wear rings made of gold. 

Wearing gold is forbidden for Muslim men, as Prophet Muhammad forbade male Muslims from wearing gold rings. He said wearing a gold ring is comparable to wrapping the wearer’s hand with a fire brand. 


Why Can’t Muslims Wear Gold?

Muslims can’t wear gold, so it’s something to remember for men picking a wedding ring to wear. Muslim men can’t wear gold, whether it’s a watch or any gold accessory. 

The reason is that gold is Haram for Muslim men. Even if the ring is part gold and part silver or only plated with gold, the general meaning of gold still applies. 

So if you’re planning to wear a wedding ring when you get married, remember that Muslim men should wear a ring made of precious stone or silver, but never gold. Then, Muslim women, they can wear gold as it’s permissible for them to wear various types of adornments. 


Is Diamond Haram In Islam?

Women are permitted to wear diamonds and other precious stones as adornments. However, they shouldn’t be shown to non-mahrams, and Muslims should beware of arrogance when wearing diamonds. 

It’s also worth discussing that Islam prohibits Muslims from possessing diamonds in forbidden forms like statues or icons. Colored gemstones like gold and silver are also prohibited as dinnerware and vessels


Do Muslims Propose?

There should be a proposal of marriage since proposal and acceptance are required for a Muslim wedding. The other party must accept the proposal from one of the parties, and the bride and groom must say Ejab e Qubool out loud during the ceremony. 

The proposal and acceptance are made at one meeting instead of in separate instances. Someone also has to propose for the Nikah, and it can either be the man or the woman with the intention of marriage. 


Do You Kiss The Bride In A Muslim Wedding?

Kissing the bride is not a Muslim wedding custom. It’s considered inappropriate to show PDAs at Muslim weddings. 

Keep this in mind as well when congratulating the couple. Remember that some Western cultures have guests greet the bride with a kiss, which can be inappropriate at Muslim weddings. 

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Was this guide helpful? To answer do Muslims wear wedding rings, the answer is yes, but it’s not required.

The couple should also know the causes for a wedding ring to be Haram and that the male partner should never wear a gold wedding ring. And as for the hand that can wear a ring, the right hand is often preferred to treat the ring as an adornment. 

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