Do Guys Wear Wedding Rings Before Marriage

The answer to do guys wear wedding rings before marriage depends on them. There are no rules if they want to wear a ring before marriage, similar to how some women wear engagement rings to show commitment. 

We will discuss this tradition in more detail below, especially regarding the wedding band and engagement ring usage. And if you’re curious about the etiquette, here’s when should you take off your wedding ring

do guys wear wedding rings before marriage


Do Guys Wear Wedding Rings Before Marriage?


It’s up to you

It’s up to men if they’ll wear wedding bands before marriage. After all, it’s a more familiar tradition for women to wear engagement rings. 

You can also talk with your partner if they want to wear the wedding ring before the wedding as they might find it endearing to show commitment with the jewelry.  Some feel more loved seeing their partner wearing a wedding ring as it shows that you’re loyal to them, even though you’re not married yet.


Modern engagements

Another instance where a guy can wear a wedding band before marriage is if they partner is the one who proposed to them. They’ll receive the ring as a symbol of commitment, so they’d also be wearing it on their hand before marriage.

And if the couple doesn’t want to spend on a separate engagement ring, they can treat the wedding ring as their engagement ring. They’ll receive it on their finger during the proposal and wear them leading to the big day. 

It’s common for only women to receive rings during the engagement, but some couples give each other a symbol of commitment. In this instance, they may wear their wedding ring before the wedding and reuse them at the ceremony. 


Can A Man See His Wedding Band Before Marriage?

No superstitions mentioned how men shouldn’t see their wedding bands before the wedding. Furthermore, it’s likely for the couple to see their wedding rings before marriage anyway, as they would buy them while preparing for the wedding. 

Modern couples nowadays even buy their rings together. More so, some prefer to cut costs and buy a set where you’ll get the wedding ring with the engagement ring. 

But sometimes, the couple might buy each other’s wedding ring as a sentimental surprise. If this is the case, the man will only see his wedding ring during the wedding exchange at the wedding ceremony. 


Do Men Wear Wedding Rings Or Wedding Bands?

There are no rules with choosing between wedding rings and wedding bands for men as long as you find something that would be the best symbol of your love and commitment. However, guys usually get a wedding band for style and practicality. 

With daily usage, bands are less likely to get worn out quickly than rings. Some couples might also want a sense of individuality so that the woman may choose a design, and the man would do the same. 

Note that some jewelry stores use the terms wedding rings and engagement bands interchangeably, so there is no difference in the style. But generally, a band would have a slightly wider “band” than a classic wedding ring. 

And if you haven’t picked one yet, you might be interested to know what is the best wedding ring for a man.  


Why Do Some Guys Not Wear Wedding Rings?

Some guys don’t wear wedding rings, or you might not see them because instead of putting the ring on the finger or hand, they might just be wearing it as a pendant. Some jobs might be unsafe for men wearing rings; taking the wedding band off is required for a specific task. 

For preference, comfort, or profession, you can also find guys not wearing the wedding ring on the left but instead on the right. But unfortunately, some guys do purposely don’t wear their wedding bands to hide their commitment. 


Do Guys Wear Wedding Rings On Their Right Hand?

Both men and women traditionally wear their wedding rings on the left hand. But in some cultures, they might wear the rings on the right hand. 

Some men wear their wedding bands on their right hand to purposely encourage a conversation. Furthermore, do you notice how married movie actors have their left ring finger empty? 

Here’s why do actors wear wedding rings on their right hand for more details. 


How Do Brides Feel About Grooms Who Wear Wedding Rings Before Marriage?

It’s up to the couple if they want to wear their wedding rings before marriage. Regardless, every couple is different, so the reaction will also vary.

Some brides might prefer being surprised and never seeing the rings before the wedding ceremony. It’s also possible for some women to feel touched seeing their fiance wearing a symbol of commitment before the wedding. 


What Are The Consequences, If Any, Of Wearing A Wedding Ring Before Marriage?

The potential consequence of wearing a wedding ring before marriage is to lose or damage it accidentally. You last want to worry about a missing or damaged ring close to your wedding day. 

Furthermore, you might prefer an element of surprise and only wear and see the wedding band after the ceremony. This will feel more touching as it’ll be the first time wearing a symbol of love and loyalty. 



Was this discussion helpful? To recap do guys wear wedding rings before marriage, they do, but it’s not as common as women wearing engagement rings. 

The choice is up to the guy if he wants to wear the ring before the wedding. If it’s a modern proposal where he’s given a ring, he can also treat it as an engagement ring. 

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