Do Bridesmaids Give Wedding Gifts

The answer to do bridesmaids give wedding gifts is yes, and there is an etiquette to expect for giving wedding gifts if you’re a part of the bridal party. We’ll also discuss if you must give a wedding gift at other wedding events like the engagement party,  bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. 

But for more questions regarding being a bridesmaid, you can browse our blog for different guides and discussions. For one, how much should a bridesmaid spend on a wedding gift?

do bridesmaids give wedding gifts


Everything To Know: Do Bridesmaids Give Wedding Gifts

Bridesmaids should give a wedding gift to the couple or the bride. It’s customary to give a wedding gift if you’re a bridesmaid, and it can be brought for a wedding or other pre-wedding celebrations. 

You should give the couple a wedding gift even if you’re not attending. Nowadays, it’s more common to send a wedding gift to the couple than to bring it to the wedding. 

Another option is to give the couple a significant gift shared by the bridal party. This is cost-effective since the bridesmaids and the maid of honor share the expenses for the gift. 


Do bridesmaids give a gift at the engagement party?

The first wedding-related event of the couple is the engagement party. Bridesmaids and other guests are not expected to bring a gift to this event since it’s likely that the couple hasn’t even decided who they want for their wedding party yet.  


Do bridesmaids give a gift at the bridal shower?

The bride’s relatives and other older female guests usually host the bridal shower. The choice is up to you if you want to buy the bride a gift, but the shower is typically the gift since the host will pay for it. 


Do bridesmaids give a gift at the bachelorette party?

Giving a bridesmaid gift is expected at the bachelorette party, and it can even be a part of the celebration to open all the gifts the bride has received. But if you’re giving the couple a wedding gift from their registry, it’s acceptable not to give a separate gift at the bachelorette party since the bridal party is likely paying to host the event. 


Do bridesmaids give a gift at the rehearsal dinner?

All guests are not expected to give a wedding gift at the rehearsal dinner. Since it usually happens the night before the wedding, you’ve probably sent your wedding gift to the couple beforehand. 


Ideas For The Gift For Bride From Bridesmaid On Wedding Day

Here are some ideas for meaningful bridesmaid wedding gifts to give to the bride: 

  • Letter: collect handwritten notes from the entire bridal party or write the bride a personal one
  • Photos: print your favorite photos together or create a scrapbook dedicated to the bride and her partner 
  • Jewelry: consider jewelry like a pair of pearl earrings the bride can wear with their wedding dress
  • Shoes: buy a bridal pair of shoes that the bride can wear on her wedding day
  • Wedding kit: prepare an emergency kit with wedding day must-haves for the bride
  • Spa gift certificates: plan a day of pampering for the bride
  • Robe: consider custom robes for the couple
  • Wine subscription: wine subscriptions are trendy wedding gifts nowadays
  • Mirror: the bride can use a travel mirror for her wedding day touch-ups
  • Tote bag: do a personalized tote bag for the bride
  • Instant camera: an instant camera will surely be helpful for the bride to capture her favorite moments at the wedding

And if you’re the bride and out of ideas for bridesmaid gifts, read what to give your bridesmaids on your wedding day.


Is The Bridal Party Expected To Give A Gift?


Maid of honor etiquette for giving a gifts

The maid of honor can be described as the leader of the bridal party. Therefore, if you’re the MOH, you’re also expected to give a gift to the bride or the couple. 

Besides planning the bridal shower and/or bachelorette party, it would be considerate to give a special wedding gift since you’re close to the bride. You can spend around $130 for your gift or browse the couple’s wedding registry. 


Bridesmaid etiquette for giving a gifts

If you’re unsure about the amount to spend on the wedding gift as a bridesmaid, ask other members of the wedding party. The bridal party might also give something big where everyone will just share the expenses. 

The bridesmaid doesn’t have to spend as much as the MOH for the wedding gift. Around $100 should be acceptable, depending on your financial capacity and closeness to the couple. 


What Does The Bridesmaids Pay For?

Besides bringing a bridesmaid gift, bridesmaids are expected to give or contribute to the following: 

  • Bridesmaid dress, accessories, hair, and makeup
  • Expenses for hosting the bridal shower and/or bachelorette party
  • Bridesmaid travel and accommodation expenses for a destination wedding
  • Wedding gift and/or bridal gift


What Are Bridesmaids Responsible For In A Wedding?

If you’re someone’s bridesmaids, understand that you’ll be responsible for:

  • Helping the MOH with hosting the bridal shower and/or bachelorette party
  • Buying a bridal/wedding gift
  • Helping the MOH with other wedding responsibilities
  • Accompanying the bride and helping her during the preparations



Was this etiquette guide useful? To recap about do bridesmaids give wedding gifts, the answer is yes. 

The bridal party is expected to bring wedding gifts. The maid of honor’s gift will cost more than a bridesmaid’s since she’s closer to the bride.

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