DIY Project: 10 Easy Steps on How to Make a Vinyl Cover for a Recliner

This post is about how to make a vinyl cover for a recliner. We will show you the necessary measurements, materials, and step-by-step process to complete your project. We hope this article will help you take care of your furniture!


Steps on Making a Vinyl Cover for Recliner

Step 1. Decide how big you want the cover to be. Measure and cut it accordingly

Step 2. Cut vinyl fabric diagonally, as shown in previous images. The shorter side should measure about 18 inches from top to bottom while the long side is about 36 inches from left to right

Step 3. Sew the two sides together with a zipper foot, while leaving a part of the fabric un-sewn on one side (about 24 inches from top to bottom) for sewing with Velcro

Sew along the edges, and cut off any excess. You now have your cover!

Step 4. Measure how wide you want the zip closure to be by folding over each edge about an inch or so

Step 5. Sew the Velcro on each flap. Place one strip of velcro about two to three inches from the edge and place a matching strip on the other side, so that when they are connected or “zipped” together, it leaves an opening wide enough for you to put your hand through to grab onto and pull open. You should now be left with a flap of fabric that is about 24 inches wide, which should extend from top to bottom.

Step 6. Sew the two flaps together using a zipper foot and leave an opening big enough for you to pull it on over your recliner. You may want to sew some loops or small pieces of Velcro along one edge so that you have a place to attach the snap hooks on your recliner

Step 7. Place loops of Velcro about an inch apart along one edge, and stitch them in place using a sewing machine with matching thread

Step 8. Fold over each flap back towards the center so that they are overlapping. Sew all the way around where the two pieces overlap at about three-quarters of an inch.

Step 9. Place a line of sewing glue on the edge where the two pieces are overlapping and then overlap them again. Sew all around, securing with stitching at about three-quarter inches apart

Step 10. Let dry (again) before removing hinge pins from your recliner cover or you might mess up your new work!


How to Care for Vinyl Cover for Recliner

Top with a pillowcase (or something else like an old bed sheet) to protect it from dirt and pet hair

Wipe down vinyl cover using mild soap, water, and cloth or sponge

Drip dry in the sun


Is it Necessary to Deep Clean a Vinyl Cover for Recliner?

Wipe down vinyl cover using mild soap, water, and cloth or sponge

Drip dry in the sun. Dust with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner attachment. Do not use solvents to clean this surface because they may cause damage


Deep Cleaning Vinyl Cover for Recliner: Follow these steps when the cover becomes dirty or stained

#1. Remove the screws from your recliner and remove the seat

#2. Wipe down the vinyl surface with mild soap, water, and cloth or sponge

#3. Replace seat and screws on the recliner

#4. Cover the vinyl cover using a plastic bag or trash can lid

#5. Use an old towel to wipe down all surfaces, including contact areas where it will be in contact with the chair frame

#6. Drip dry in sun. Protect from sunlight by covering with a cloth if


How Much Does Vinyl Cover Cost?

A vinyl cover for a recliner can cost anywhere from $20 to $150. The price really depends on the size of your chair and how much material you need for it, as well as the quality and thickness of the materials used in its construction


How Long Does It Take To Install?

This will depend on how handy you are with DIY projects

It may take you anywhere from 15-30 minutes to install a vinyl cover. Or, if it’s your first time installing one and the instructions aren’t clear enough for you, this project might take an hour or two.


Do I Need to Hire a Professional to Make Vinyl Cover for Recliner?

If you need your vinyl cover to last for a long time, then it’s worth hiring someone who does this type of work professionally. It can cost anywhere from $150-$500 or more depending on how much material is needed and the size of your chair. You may also want to hire a professional if you don’t have much experience with DIY projects.


Benefits of Using Vinyl Cover for Recliner

Vinyl covers are made to last

They protect your chair from dust, spills, and pet hair

The installation is easy and the cover looks great on your recliner.


Drawbacks of Using Vinyl Cover for Recliner

If you’re looking for a more customized look, vinyl may not be your best choice because it’s a one-size-fits-all.


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