DIY Ideas on How to Embellish Plain Curtains

Do you have plain curtains? If so, then this article is for you! We will go over how to embellish plain curtains with things like lace and bows. This is a great way to add some romance to your bedroom without having to buy new bedding. Check out these easy steps below;

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Attach beads to the curtain fabric. One way is to sew a row of pearls on top and then add ribbon in between each pearl for decoration.

You can also embellish your curtains using embroidery thread, sequins, or rhinestones by sewing them on.


how to embellish plain curtain

Fabric Flowers

Cut a circle out of fabric on your sewing machine. Sew the edges together to form a flower.

Attach the flowers with thread or glue and attach them in between each row of pearl stitches so that they’re evenly spaced for decoration.



Cut lace into strips and then sew it onto one side of the hem. Add lace to the top of your curtains by sewing it on and attaching it with an iron-on adhesive strip, or using a glue gun.



Cut tassels in various sizes from fabric remnants (you can also buy them) and tie one end onto the rod at both ends of the curtain. You can also cut the fabric into strips and tie them onto both ends of the rod, stretching it to make tassels.



Sew buttons on by hand or use a glue gun for an easy fix.


Fabric Beads

Use your sewing machine to run a bead of thread along the top edge or hemline of your curtain to either side. Sew on buttons as you would do for a buttonhole, but make sure that they are spaced out evenly and all pointing in the same direction.


Personal Artwork

This is a great way to embellish plain curtains that are large enough.

You can do this by hanging up a piece of artwork from your child, partner, or friend on the curtain rod so that it’s visible when people walk into the room.


Easily removable Artwork

Another option is to use a printable vinyl transfer that you can easily remove if guests come over.


Fabric Lettering

You can also sew on fabric lettering in the same way as with buttons or prints, but using thread instead of glue.


Large Trim

Add trim around your curtain rod for an easy way to add some interest. You could also use a large ribbon across the rod or something like a braid, lace, or cord that attaches at each end of your curtains and then ties on either side.


Embellished Curtain Rod

For an easy DIY project you can make an embellished curtain rod by wrapping ribbon around the rod and tying ends together, or you can wrap fabric strips to create a striped pattern.


Fabric Draping

You could either hang curtains from your rod without any trimming or use one of these ideas as mentioned above for easy embellishment.


Stencils And Sponges

Add stencils or sponges to your curtain rod. You could either use a stencil and paint it with fabric paint then lightly dab on the top of each area, or you can dip a sponge in water and squeeze out the excess before you start dabbing at one side of the sponge until it’s dry for a painted look.



Tie a fabric scrap around the curtain rod for a quick and easy dye project. Buy some fabric dyes in various colors to tie together your theme or create a random pattern, dip it into each color of dye you want until you’re happy with how long it’s been covered. You can then remove the excess by dipping it back into the water before tying on the ends again.


Is It Better To Buy New Curtains or To Embellish Old ones?

If you want to get rid of your old curtains and replace them with something new, that’s okay. But if the old ones are in good condition or they’re not necessary for privacy then embellishing is a great alternative!


How can I Decorate Old Curtains?

Once you’ve decided to decorate your old curtains, the possibilities are endless.

Tip #1. Hanging a new curtain rod is one way of changing how they look without spending any money on fabric or dyes! You can find them in lots of stores and online for pretty cheap too – so it won’t cost much time either. What’s more: this project doubles as storage space if needed!

Tip #2. Switching up what color panels the curtains consist of will add some variety to their appearance (you could also paint them).

This may not seem like such an easy task but with enough patience and creativity, it’ll be worth it when you see how different they become. If nothing else try using colorful sheets instead; they’re easy to find, cheap, and can be used in all sorts of ways!

Tip #3. The ever-popular idea of cutting the curtains up is always a good one too, as it means you’ll have more fabric for any other project.

You could cut them into strips or squares – which would make great drapery panels if they are done neatly enough. Just remember not to discard the seams either; these will also come in handy when making new curtains from old ones.

The key thing with decorating your plain old curtains is that there’s no end to how much creativity can go into it so don’t feel frustrated just because an idea doesn’t seem like such a big success on paper: try out plenty until something works!