Curtain Color Ideas For Light Grey Walls

What color curtains should you buy for light grey walls? The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. There are many different colors that will work with light grey, so that the decision may be tough.

In this tutorial guide, we will talk about how to choose the best curtain color ideas for light grey walls and what they say about your personality!

curtain color ideas for light grey walls

Tips on Curtain Color Ideas for Light Grey Walls

There are many colors that can go well with light grey walls, but some of the most popular ones include gold, blue-grey, green, and purple. For a really simple look, you could choose one color like white or black curtains to tie in your theme. If you want something more elaborate, then an embroidered curtain would be perfect.

  • Gold curtains
  • Blue-grey curtains
  • Green curtains
  • Purple curtains
  • White curtains
  • Black curtains


Choosing the Best Color for Your Home’s Curtains:

Your curtains’ color should be in tune with the colors you are using on other items in your home. For example, if there is a lot of green and blue within your décor, it would work well to have light grey walls and dark brown or navy blue curtains.

If you want to add a pop of color with your light walls, then it is best to choose bold, bright colors like red or yellow for the curtains.

Red and blue work well together in this situation as they match each other without looking dark when combined. Pink can also be used if it is paired with light grey walls.

If you are looking for light or white curtains, then choose a lighter color that will give off the same effect as if they were light-colored when paired with light gray walls such as yellow, cream, and even pink can work here.

For dark browns or navy blue wall colors, it is best to pick out darker colors for the curtains to keep the room from feeling too dark.

Green, browns, and navy blues work well together in this situation as they will bounce off each other without looking dark when combined.

The most common color combinations would be light grey walls with pink or yellow drapes, light gray walls with red or blue drapes, light gray walls with green or brown drapes.


How to Care for Colored Curtains?

One important factor to consider when purchasing any curtains is how you care for them. If they are dry clean only, it’s especially crucial to note where and how often you can do this.

You also want to keep in mind if your windows are covered with screens as these should be cleaned periodically as well – although not as often. It’s important to note that curtains are not machine washable, so you need either a delicate cycle or hand-washing with cold water and light soap only.

If your windows happen to be facing the sun, then it is best for them to get some extra protection from UV rays that fade fabric over time and cause it to be yellow.

You can do this by installing sun protection shades or sheers on the back of your curtains, but you also want to be aware that many types of material won’t allow light through and will prevent people from seeing inside if they are looking outside.


Can I Use Bleach on my Colored Curtains?

No. Bleach will generally lighten the colors of just about any fabric, so it is not recommended for use on colored curtains if you want them to stay their original color.

If your drapes are white, then Bleach can be used with caution since they should still look good after being bleached – but don’t go overboard and try to get them as white as possible.

Should you Iron Colored Curtain?

Suppose you want the creases out of your curtains, yes. Just make sure that they are fully cooled down first before ironing since heat causes those pesky little wrinkles in the fabric to happen in the first place.

Putting a damp towel over them while waiting for them to cool could help keep excessive drying from happening and wrinkling up the fabric.


What is the Best Material For Colored Curtains?

Cotton is the best material for colored curtains, and it’s also what a lot of them are made out of. Silk can be good, but they’re usually more expensive than cotton ones.

Rayon isn’t recommended since it doesn’t do so well with light colors – which means that you’ll have to wash your drapes every time you want to change them up.

Wool and linen are both heavier than cotton, which means that they won’t be as easy to open or close when the curtains are open.

Polyester is another popular choice for colored curtains because it’s machine-washable – you can’t wash them with any of your other clothes in the same load!