How to Repair Small Cigarette Burn on a Leather Loveseat

Nothing beats the disappointment of discovering a burn in your leather loveseat. Maybe it was your fault, or perhaps it was the fault of a thoughtless buddy who left an indelible stain on your loveseat. So, how to repair a small cigarette burn on a leather loveseat?


cigarette burn on a leather loveseat

Are leather loveseats long-lasting? Yes, genuine leather is among the most durable on the market. With proper care and attention, it may last a lifetime.


If you spill something on it, it will be a lot easier to clean than if you drop something on fabric. Leather is a long-lasting and robust loveseat material. However, another fact about leather is it is not indestructible.


A leather loveseat is an expensive purchase for your house. To get the most out of your purchase, keep it away from anything that might harm the upholstery. Save time, money, and effort by being cautious about your leather loveseat.


 For example, if your loveseat is exposed to a lit cigarette, it may burn a hole in the leather. This sight would be very unattractive and costly. The extent of the damage determines the cost of repairing the loveseat.


How to Repair Small Cigarette Burn on a  Leather Loveseat?


If the burn hasn’t completely penetrated the leather, you can partially cut it out to eliminate the ugly mark. Cut a cross in the burn about half the depth of the leather to begin. Then, using a scalpel, cut the burn out around the edge.  


Cut all the way through if the burn has gone all the way through, creating a hole in the process. Using tweezers, place canvas fabric behind the leather to close the opening. Make sure the material is entirely flat, with about a 1/2-inch overlap beneath all of the hole’s borders.


Apply glue to one side of the hole with a scalpel, paint stirrer, or other thin instruments. Do this by pressing one side down to elevate the other. Next, apply glue to the hole’s underside edges and push them down.


This procedure should be carried out to the very last detail. Allow for a 20-minute rest period. Carefully assess the situation to avoid redoing it.


Apply four small coats of leather filler after that. Allow three minutes for the first coat to dry with a hairdryer. Then, carry on with the following two levels in the same manner.


Complement the color of the leather using a leather touch-up kit. Using a cotton swab, apply the paint to the filler and dry with a hairdryer. Allow one minute to pass before adding more color until it is well blended.


Is Smoke Absorbent In Leather loveseats?


Since it is manufactured from animal skin and hides, leather is a porous substance. As a result, the smoke odor will be absorbed by your leather loveseats. Smoke as much as possible outside to avoid getting smoke odor on your leather things. 


To help circulate the air, open the windows and turn on the fan. Having an air filter in the room may also assist speed up the deodorizing process. To discover how to remove smoke odor from a leather loveseat at home, follow these two steps.


Step 1 As usual, clean the leather loveseat.


Continue to clean the leather couch, as usual, to freshen it up even more. Prepare your leather cleaner and apply it as directed. You may also make your leather cleaner by mixing warm water with a few drops of dish soap.


Test the cleaning solution before applying it to the loveseat. But if you know the quality of the leather sofa, you should be able to select the best product quickly. Different varieties of leather materials will require other cleaning solutions, so pick wisely. 


Then, using a sponge, collect the suds and squeeze off the extra liquid. Gently rub the leather loveseat, being sure to get into the cracks and crevices. To eliminate the excess moisture, wipe the loveseat with a dry towel. 


Allow the loveseat to air dry before reassembling it with the cushions and other textiles you’ve washed and dried. You must let the loveseat dry up first. You do not want to assemble it wet with other parts.

Step 2 Cleaning the leather loveseat using baking soda.


Baking soda is an excellent method to refresh leather furniture. Since baking soda absorbs leftover moisture, which is what causes wet scents and aromas. On the other hand, you may use baking soda to eliminate the cigarette odor on the leather loveseat.


You may use it after you’ve cleaned the loveseat with your cleaning solution. All over the loveseat, sprinkle baking soda. Allow it to sit for an overnight period before vacuuming it the next day.


Aerating the leather loveseat outside may also be beneficial. Keep it out of direct sunshine, or you’ll have to learn how to restore faded leather caused by UV radiation. Ensure that you have cleansed any other things on the loveseat since they may have taken up the cigarette stink.




You’re probably aware of all the alternatives on how to repair small cigarette burn on a leather loveseat by now. Always keep in mind that you should make it a priority to restore the damage as soon as possible. You don’t have much time here. 


Also, you don’t want the hole to become more prominent or the stuffing to fall out of your loveseat. Carefully follow the steps to avoid any mishaps during the process. It is never too late to fix your loveseat, so go on and start on it!

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