Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me With Price Comparison

Are there cheap wedding venues near me? Here are 12 ideas for couples to find a place for their ceremony or reception with a small budget. 

These event spaces vary in space for different sizes of weddings. We’ve even provided your expected price for each wedding venue. 

cheap wedding venues near me

And after you pick from these wedding locations, you can apply these tips on how to negotiate a wedding venue contract to help you further cut the venue expenses.


12 Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me With Prices And Space Expectations


House or backyard: free

The most convenient place to get married is your backyard or house. This location is perfect for intimate weddings, and most of your guests live around the area. 

You’ll be cutting costs for the ceremony since there is no rental fee for the space. The only expenses will be the chairs, tables, and decorations for the guests to style the event. 


Farmhouse: free 

If a close relative or friend owns a farmhouse, it also makes a great event space for the wedding. The area is also big enough for many guests, and the natural setting means you’ll need fewer decorations. 

This space is perfect for a country, rustic, or boho wedding. And depending on the place, you can do both the ceremony and reception on the farm. 


Courthouse: under $100, depending on your location

One of the most affordable weddings that couples should consider is the civil or courthouse wedding. Depending on your location, you can get married at your local courthouse or City Hall without going over $100. 

This is also great for explaining why you’re having a small wedding to family and friends. First, you’ll eliminate expenses for the ceremony, then you can do the party after in your backyard, so you still won’t spend on the venues. 

Here’s a sample budget breakdown of how much does a courthouse wedding cost


National parks: about a few hundred dollars for the permit

Non-religious weddings allow couples to elope or do their ceremony outdoors. An affordable but picturesque location to consider is national parks. 

Some parks have dedicated spaces for events, but you can also pick a beautiful area that features your state’s natural beauty. Your expected cost will be a couple of hundred dollars for the permit fee, depending on the state. 


Public beaches: about a few hundred dollars for the permit

Another cheap outdoor wedding venue option for a couple on a budget is at their public beach. Like getting married at a nature park, your budget will only be for the permit fee. 

This differs from a beach wedding at a resort or hotel, which can be expensive. However, know the rules and regulations, especially since public beaches usually have a designated area for events like weddings. 


Place of worship: about a few hundred dollars, depending on the location

Religious couples can always get married at their house of worship. Some churches won’t incur a fee, but couples are encouraged to donate or provide the fees for musicians and ceremony supplies.

Church members, for example, might also spend lower on the venue than non-members. You can read how much is a church wedding to know the budget you’ll need for having the ceremony at this place. 


Community centers: about $115 per hour, but some can go lower or higher, depending on the area

What cheap venue would have enough space to accommodate many guests? Your local community center is meant for large parties and events, so it makes a practical venue consideration. 

Depending on the type of venue and space, doing the event at your community center can cost $115 per hour. However, it’s still possible not to go over $1,000, which is typically expected when renting event spaces. 


Museum or library: starts at $700 

Do you know that you can get married in front of incredible artwork? Depending on the museum, you won’t spend over $1,000 for this wedding venue. 

You’ll also be cutting costs on decorations because the existing architecture and displays are enough for a backdrop. However, be aware of the number of people you can have for a museum wedding. 


Airbnb: some locations can cost under $500

Depending on the place, using an Airbnb for your wedding venue can be cheaper than having the event at a hotel. Some can cost under $500 but would offer a unique and beautiful location for your ceremony. 

However, the number of guests you have will ultimately dictate the cost of the Airbnb venue. And if you need more clarification, always ask the host if an event is allowed in their space. 


School: prices vary per college and will cost less if you’re an alumni

Did you know that college campuses and universities are also potential wedding venues? They are also budget-friendly and make a sentimental experience as the couple goes through memory lane in their old campus. 

Some colleges even have picturesque locations that make perfect backdrops for the ceremony. Depending on the place, a space might be suitable even for many guests. 

And in some universities, you can do the wedding ceremony and reception in their venues. For example, the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota provides a 50% discount on the wedding reception room rental fee if the couple has their wedding ceremony on campus. 


Conference center: around $800, but can be higher or lower, spending on the number of guests

You can check the closest conference center if you need a cheap wedding venue but have many guests. The convenience of this space is it has amenities for the guests’ comfort. 

Compared to the other options in this list, the conference center might be the priciest, but still, the costs are lower than renting an event space. Again, the more guests you’ll have, the larger space you’ll need, which means you’ll be renting at a higher cost.


Restaurant: some have no separate fee for the venue rental if you’re paying for food and drinks

Couples on a budget typically do DIY weddings, and they’re the ones finding their wedding vendors. So for convenience, why not pick a venue that already offers food and drinks?

The restaurant is also a cheap venue for the wedding as some might not incur a fee for the space use if you avail of a certain food package. For a unique experience, you might find an affordable rooftop or garden space with some restaurants.


What Are The Most Unique Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me?



For the animal-loving couple, did you know that you can pick a zoo as a location for your wedding? If you live near San Diego, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park allows wedding ceremonies, which is also a great way to support the zoo’s conservation efforts. 

The safari park offers different venues with a ceremony fee ranging from $1,600 to $2,200 per space. However, it’s still a reasonable price for the unique and memorable place as most couples are expected to spend between $5,000 to $10,000 for their wedding location anyway. 



One of the most unique and picturesque spaces you can have for your wedding is the museum. A tip to save on costs is finding the nearest museum to your location so you won’t spend much on transportation. 

If your budget is under $5,000 and you’re from California, you can consider the Long Beach Museum of Art event space. As of this writing, their wedding package for the ceremony fee is $500 and $2,500 on weekdays year-round. 

What Are The Most Scenic Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me?



National parks are one of the most inexpensive wedding venue options that will still provide couples with a picturesque background and memorable experience with guests. You can check the parks in your state and accomplish the permit fee, typically between $100 to $200 only.

One of the most breathtaking places any couple can possibly exchange their vows is in Yosemite National Park. You’ll accomplish the special use permit, which costs $150, and you can schedule your event as early as a year in advance. 



You can still be on a budget and have your wedding ceremony by the beach by checking your local public beach. Compared to getting married at a resort, you’ll typically only need to pay for a permit to do your ceremony at the beach’s designated space. 

For example, you can pick a beach in Clearwater, Florida, then accomplish a beach ceremony permit. Having the final number of guests and wedding date is vital before entering your event information. 


What Are The Most Intimate Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me?



If you’re having a small wedding, the cheapest venue you can have it at is your own home or backyard. It’s even better if you have a garden where you can dress up the space to make it look more suitable for the wedding ceremony. 

Alternatively, you can do a civil wedding ceremony and then have the reception in your backyard. You can pull off a cheap wedding, especially if you won’t serve heavy meals or alcoholic drinks. 



It’s possible to have a cheap wedding at a restaurant as some places offer free use of their designated area for events if you’ve booked them as the food vendor. It’s also convenient since you don’t need to find separate vendors for wedding catering. 

But of course, the primary factor for the budget is the number of guests you’ll have. The more people you’ll feed and accommodate in the space, the higher the expenses will be. 



Couples can also find a picturesque Airbnb for their intimate wedding. For example, you might find a listing close to beautiful scenery, such as the lake, where you can have the ceremony, then use the Airbnb place for the reception. 

Compare the different listings in your state to score the best deal. Then, if you want to spend more time with family and friends, you can pick a small place for a reasonable night’s price. 


What Are The Most Spacious Cheap Wedding Venues Near Me?



If you own a local farmhouse, a barnyard wedding can be a cheap option for a spacious space accommodating your large guest list. Of course, you can always dress up the place or follow themes like rustic or country and have fun with your wedding elements. 

However, plan everything so the guests will be comfortable inside. You can also prepare other activities in other farm areas after the ceremony. 


Community center

Event spaces can be pricey to rent for the wedding so a cheaper alternative would be your local community center. This structure is meant to accommodate a big crowd, so it’s perfect if you have many guests. 

The public place will likely set a price based on the number of guests you’ll have, but you can expect around $1,200 for 50 guests. Still, it’s a reasonable expense compared to other space rentals costing you over $10,000. 


Where Is The Best Place To Look For Cheap Wedding Venues?

You can check some hacks on how to find cheap wedding venues to stay within your budget. But for other tips, these might help you look for affordable alternatives if the venue you initially found costs too much:

  • Work with the wedding planner and discuss with them your budget restrictions; a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding venue is around 40%, which should include the catering
  • Ask other couples if they can recommend a location 
  • Some family members might have a space that can suit your event (e.g., a family farmhouse)
  • Consider cheap wedding packages from popular places for destination weddings
  • Check the local parks and beaches in your state to see if they allow weddings


What Do Most Wedding Venues Cost?

Most wedding venues cost around $9,200, which makes it the most significant part of the total wedding expenses compared to other wedding elements. And according to data, Arkansas and West Virginia are the cheapest states to get married in. 

On the contrary, the most expensive state to get married in is Massachusetts and New Jersey. This is why location matters when deciding on the wedding venue, especially for couples with limited budgets.



Were these suggestions helpful? We hope these cheap wedding venues near me have helped you find the best local location for your ceremony and/or reception.

Some picturesque and spacious places like parks and beaches are ideal for frugal couples because these locations only require a permit fee. But if you want zero expenses for the space rental, it’s also okay to have the wedding in your backyard. 

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