How Much Does a Century Furniture Recliner Loveseat Cost

When purchasing loveseats, there are a lot of brands to choose from. With these brands, you consider their products’ quality, price, reviews, and many more. In this article, we will guide you on how much does a century furniture recliner loveseat cost.

We will talk about the brand Century Furniture and its recliner loveseats. With this, we will give you a heads up on what to expect from this store. But, before we answer how much does a century furniture recliner loveseat cost, let us run through some basic terminologies.

century furniture recliner loveseat

What is a Loveseat?

A loveseat is a two-person chair that looks like a tiny sofa. Two individuals can sit comfortably on it when it seems like a small couch. For a bit of space that needs sitting but cannot accommodate a big sofa. 

Alternatively, it may be used as an addition to a more oversized sofa. As a result of this, some individuals utilize them in their bedrooms as additional seating options. Historically, loveseats looked considerably different and had a more literal design than they do now. 

Often, they consisted of a big chair with two seats arranged in an “S” configuration. The seats were arranged such that they were facing each other. A loveseat may be defined as any sort of chair with two seats. 

However, this is a broad term, and it may be constructed from any material or style. Loveseats may also be found in each room of your home, as well as in parks and gardens in your neighborhood. For example, a love seat has evolved from a 40-inch center to a 70-inch sofa. 

Generally speaking, a couch is anything more significant than 70 inches, whereas a chair is anything smaller than 40 inches. As opposed to space-saving sitting, many individuals utilize loveseats in their homes to add elegance and a sense of richness to the room. They are typically offered as part of living room sets that include couches and chairs.  

What is a Recliner?

In a recliner, the back of the chair is lowered, while the front is raised. This type of chair features a tilt-back backrest and a footrest. This footrest may be extended manually or automatically when the back is reclined.

An armchair, lounger, or recliner are all names for the same thing. Although recliners provide maximum comfort, modern recliners frequently come with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and an independent footstool. This footstool adjusts to the user’s weight and leg angle. 

Heat, massage, and vibration are also included. Some versions are accessible to people in wheelchairs. It is usual to see recliners on aircraft and trains and in homes, where you may use them for sleeping.

Types of Recliners

Recliners with Casters

Traditional home recliners are typically designed to be huge, immovable items that must be pulled or lifted to be moved. A thick cushioned leather or overstuffed fabric recliner with wheels is now available. Medical recliners are frequently equipped with accessory hooks and a detachable arm and tray table that you may remove.

Wall Hugger Recliners

The wall hugger recliner is used in flats to conserve space. When reclining, a wall hugger recliner simply reclines forward. A glider mechanism under the seat moves the bottom half-forward, preventing the back from getting closer to the wall.

What is Century Furniture?

Hickory, North Carolina-based Century Furniture, LLC, was founded in 1947 by Harley Shuford. Now in its third generation, Century is one of the country’s leading family-owned furniture companies. This company is dedicated to its founder’s vision of creating furniture of such high-quality furniture. 

It provides delight to both the individuals who own it and the artisans who produce it. Currently, every Century employee is a shareholder in the firm. In addition, their devotion and dedication can be seen in every piece of Century furniture.

Each of Century’s furniture travels through the hands of some of the most skilled artisans and craftsmen in the business. From the frame building to the hand-application of your choice of finish and distressing, they handle all of these. No detail is ignored, and every precaution is taken to ensure that you will cherish each piece for a lifetime.

Century has seven production sites and 1,200 business partners. It’s not called an employee since each person has a stake in the firm. In a region that proudly proclaims itself “The Furniture Capital of America,” it’s one of the last, lonesome survivors. 

How much does a century furniture recliner loveseat cost?

Century Furniture does not have a wide range of recliners. However, they sell their recliners at a price range of $2,400 – $3,000. Moreover, they also have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price at a range of $3,200 – $3,900.


Is Century Furniture good quality?

As far as furniture goes, Century is top-notch, and the designs tend to be beautiful. Do not hesitate to acquire a piece of wood in good condition if you like it. As long as the parts don’t have a missing inlay or impossible-to-match hardware, cosmetic repairs are worth the effort and money.

Is Century Furniture a high-end furniture store or not?

Century Furniture is one of the largest privately held makers of high-end home furnishings. Century Furniture is based in the United States. A wide range of wood and upholstered furniture is available in classic, modern, transitional, and other styles.


That ends out talk about the company Century Furniture, specifically involving their recliner loveseats. You have to assess the company from where you buy your furniture carefully. As a result, you get the best quality available and save you time, money, and effort.

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