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how to wrap a mattress for storage

How To Wrap A Mattress For Storage? 7 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how to wrap a mattress for storage? Well, there are six simple steps to do it. The quality of a mattress is essential, especially if you invested a good amount of money. A good quality mattress can last 10 to 20 years, depending on how you took care of it. Maybe […]

how to deflate air mattress with pump

How To Deflate Air Mattress With Pump? 2 Best Methods!

Do you want to know how to deflate air mattress with pump? In this article, you will know the two best means to do so! Indeed, air mattresses are not just comfortable to sleep on, but they are convenient as well. Whether you intend to use it at home or on the road, it can […]

How to dry memory foam mattress

How To Dry Memory Foam Mattress? 4 Best Methods!

How to dry memory foam mattress? Simply by minor drying, using kitten litter or vinegar, or taking the bed outside, you can! As a home cleaner myself, I discovered these methods that you can try in your home. You can do it by either little drying, using kitten litter, taking the bed outside, or using vinegar. I […]

how long a full XL mattress is

How Long A Full XL Mattress Is? 4 Awesome Things To Consider!

Are you wondering how long a full XL mattress is? It depends upon various considerations such as your sleeping position, body type, pain, and price. No worries! Measuring a mattress is just easy as 1-2-3! This article will help you learn how to measure a mattress in just two quick and easy steps. Mattresses come […]

how to make a mattress cover

How To Make A Mattress Cover? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to make a mattress cover? Well, just prepare your choice of fabric and sewing machine, and we will finish off in no time. At this age, most people rely on markets to achieve a hotel-quality mattress. But, there are still those who engage themselves in the challenge of making […]

how to firm up a tempurpedic mattress

How To Firm Up A Tempurpedic Mattress? 7 Easy Methods

Do you know how to firm up a tempurpedic mattress? There are seven easy methods that you can try; and you will learn about all of these as you read along! When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, a mattress plays a significant role. If your tempurpedic mattress is not comfortable enough, chances […]

how much should I sell my mattress

How Much Should I Sell My Mattress? 3 Top Things To Consider!

Have you ever asked the question, how much should I sell my mattress? To you who have, you may sell it for at least 20 percent of the original price. However, the price may vary for several reasons, such as the term of use, cleanliness, and the like. Selling an old mattress is because you […]

How To Test A Mattress

How To Test A Mattress? 4 Best Ways To Know

Suppose you’re unsure how to test a mattress, whether at the store or when browsing online; we have four practices to share! Remember that our beds are investments and we shouldn’t buy one without careful consideration. All of us deserve to get the most of our money, including the best sleep every night. Are you […]

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