What Is The Age Limit For Organ Donation? Read These Some Requirements!

what is the age limit for organ donation

Are you searching about what is the age limit for organ donation? Alright, if yes, then Organ donation has no age restrictions. Experts were able to transplant organs from infants and persons beyond the age of eighty years. A liver, heart, stomach, lungs, pancreas, eye, hair, bone, stem cells, and intestinal can all be donated. … Read more

Why Is The Left Kidney Is Preferred For Donation? Read Some Amazing Facts!

why is the left kidney is preferred for donation

Are you wondering why is the left kidney is preferred for donation? Well, wonders no more. For kidney donation, medical experts would usually take the left kidney. The left kidney seems to have a more comprehensive nephron vein, making the insertion process more efficient. Availability of a significant thickness of the liver on the opposite … Read more

How Does Platelet Donation Work? Complete Guide In 4 Steps

how does platelet donation work

How does platelet donation work? Medical facilities encourage thousands of donors for platelet donation. Many patients survive on the donated platelet. It is estimated; that the United States of America alone needs at least one donor every 30 seconds.  Platelets are a vital part of your circulatory system. These blood cells assist in clot formation … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Double Red Cell Donation? 3 Tips To Accelerate Your Recovery!

how long does it take to recover from double red cell donation

Before going for blood donation, you must understand how long does it take to recover from double red cell donation? For quick recovery, it is essential to understand the necessary guidelines to follow after blood donation.  Millions of patients around us rely on donated blood and its component to sustain life or maintain health. Red … Read more

How Long After Blood Donation Can I Exercise? Awesome Facts You Should Know!

how long after blood donation can I exercise

Have you ever wondered how long after blood donation can I exercise? Wonder no more because we are here to give you enough information and keynotes on when someone can perform exercise following a blood donation.  In this complete guide to exercising after giving blood, we’ll go through the hazards and advantages of donating blood, … Read more

Who Pays For Kidney Donation?

who pays for kidney donation

Have you ever wondered who pays for kidney donation? The most common one who pays for it is the recipient’s insurance. Since it was illegal to sell our kidneys, insurance can compensate us whenever we volunteer to be a living donors. The kidney is one of the most vital organs in our bodies. When we … Read more