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Architecture for children

Architecture & Child Psychology: The Interconnectivity

The world is continuously moving toward a phase where technology meets architecture. Traveling and looking around, you see buildings in innovative concepts, astounding consumerism, skyscrapers, commercialism ideologies, and more. You could wander about what’s connecting the concepts of architecture and child psychology. Thinking out of the box, art for art’s sake Sounds very interesting, right? […]

All these new added bikes, means owners need a place to store them

How to Store Bicycle Outside | A Beginner’s Guide to Bicycle Care and Storage

Whether it’s to improve your health or reduce your carbon footprint, bicycling could be one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you already own a bicycle, then you know that it’s a considerable investment. It’s essential to learn the proper methods of care and storage to keep your bike in tip-top […]

Urban Public Benches - Krostrade

Urban Public Benches

Public benches in urban areas represent basic equipment for any recreational space. They appear here and there, playing the role of functional structures for the general public. In urban spaces, almost all the sidewalks, all the places and parking lots are equipped with benches, garbage cans, bicycle racks, etc. In addition to their usefulness, they […]

Street Furniture In Summer - Krostrade

Street Furniture In Summer

Street furniture in summer becomes an irreplaceable element of any public space. When the weather is favorable, it becomes difficult to find a bench available in the parks. This observation is also valid in shopping malls during promotional periods. Benches, chairs, stairs, and even flower pots need to be designed in the ambient style to […]

Revolving Literature Display Stands - Krostrade

Revolving Literature Display Stands. A Closer Look at Decorative Metalwork

Whether you’re looking to find revolving literature display stands or decorative metalwork, you’ll need to do a bit of research before you decide to make a purchase. Several factors must be considered, such as the product’s design, durability, functionality, the quality of its materials, and the manufacturer’s service. The Biggest Benefits of Using Revolving Literature […]

5 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Office Furniture

8 Best Places to Buy High Quality Furniture

Comfort and style play a significant role in improving employee productivity and efficiency. Offices with big, messy desks, tattered chairs, and dull, bare walls can feel overwhelming. It’s in your best interest, as an employer, to provide a work environment where comfort meets style. Colorful and vibrant workspaces keep your employees motivated to finish the […]

Benches For Shopping Centres - Krostrade

Benches For Shopping Centres

 Shopping center benches are a dominant feature of the layout of a complex. Commercial furniture plays an essential role as a small architecture. Shopping centers that stretch for miles are lined with seating, flower pots, fountains, and other decorations that are supposed to underline the building’s style. If everything is harmonious, the client will have […]

what is a modern office

What is A Modern Office?

Did you know that the average employee spends 21% to 35% of their lifetime in the office?  With this much time spent in the workplace, it’s essential to create a functional and comfortable work environment. Having a modern office design is one of the best things you can do to promote creativity and boost employee […]

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