Candle Myths You Probably Don’t Know

Have you ever wondered why candlelight is so peaceful? One reason is because of candle myths from around the world! Here are some candle myths that may surprise you.

Candles are soothing and relaxing to have at home or office. They give a nice warm glow, and candlelight has even been shown to have a relaxing effect on the mind.

candle myths


Did you know that if you burn your candle at both ends, it will burn out faster?

This candle myth is only partly true. If you let your candle burn for too long at one end, it can cause tunneling – uneven wax buildup along the sides of the candle – which might make it difficult for the candle wick to catch fire again after it’s extinguished. You change how quickly your candle burns depending on where you allow its flame to be each time you burn it.

However, candlemakers now use “double-dipping” as a technique to make candlemaking easier and faster. Double-dipping involves dipping candle wicks into melted wax twice, before placing them inside the candle mold so they’ll have a stiffer candle wick that won’t droop or bend over time.

While double dipping might reduce the number of times candle makers need to re-wet their candle wicks, burning candles made through this process might still lead to uneven burns. This means it’s not a great idea to let your candles burn from both ends if you want to avoid this candle myth from coming true!


Did you know that using multiple candles in one room at the same time can cause them to burn out faster?

This candle myth is completely false. In fact, candle makers use different sized candle wicks in order to make sure candle flames are all the same height. One long candle wick won’t necessarily affect other candles in a room.

If you’re using shorter candle wicks in your candleholder, that might change how quickly your candles burn if they’re placed close together. But, it’s not related to whether or not you have multiple candles burning at the same time!


Did you know that lighting a candle can help protect against ghosts and evil spirits?

In many cultures throughout history, people believed that light could repel evil spirits. Candles were often lit during religious ceremonies because of this belief, and sometimes small candle lamps were even kept in front of religious paintings to protect the people praying below.

Candles also played a role in many superstitions. Some candle myths stated that keeping candlelit overnight would keep evil spirits away, or prevent tragedies like stillbirths and miscarriages.


Did you know that candlelight can make food taste better?

This candle myth may be true! The color of candlelight can affect what we think candlelit food looks like; if your candle’s warmer light makes your delicious meal look less appetizing, it might not go down as well.

While brighter lights might trick our minds into thinking our candlelit soup looks just right. Research has shown that candlelight can enhance flavors, too. This makes sweet foods taste sweeter, and bitter foods taste less bitter.


Did you know that candlelight can actually erase from your mind any thoughts of daily stress or anxiety?

This candle myth is completely true! In one study, scientists found that candlelit rooms had a relaxing effect on people’s minds after just 15 minutes of exposure to candlelight.

These effects are probably related to the candle’s color temperature. Candlelight has been shown to have a calming effect because it emits warmer light spectrums. This helps us relax our minds.

This candle myth is one reason why candleholders are often used as decoration in places like restaurants and living rooms. They help create an atmosphere where it’s easy for friends and families to spend time together!

Candles are used for many reasons – but unfortunately, candle myths like these can make it hard to enjoy candlelit moments without worrying about whether they’ll come true.


Did you know that candles with different candle wicks will produce various candle flames?

This is because the size of each candle’s wick determines how tall its candle flame will be. A tall candle flame might droop over time. This might lead some people to believe they should light multiple candles at once if they want them all to burn as long as possible!

However, there are good reasons why most candle makers use only one single candlewick per candle. For one thing, candle flames with different heights might produce candle smoke that smells strange or even burns your candle holders.


Did you know that scented candles aren’t necessarily better at making spaces smell good?

Many candle myths suggest that candle makers configure their candles to the last longer by adding scent to them; this means they’ll burn down more slowly and make your space smell better for longer!

However, adding too much scent can actually make it harder for you to enjoy the candle’s true fragrance. Scents like rose petals are particularly susceptible to this challenge.

This is because of how dense they are, too much rose oil in a candle could cause its flame itself to change color! Moreover, this is why most candle companies try to find candle wicks and scents that work well together.



So next time you enjoy candlelight, don’t let candle myths like these get in the way of enjoying it! You can light a candle anywhere and any time to create a candlelit moment without worrying too much about these candle myths.

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