Can Guys Wear White To Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

The answer to can guys wear white to wedding is yes, but you have to consider two things because there are different kinds of weddings. Understandably, it can be hard to determine if you can wear white since it’s a bridal color that is discouraged from being worn by guests to reserve it for the bride. 

You will also know below if men can wear a white suit, blazer, or suit to a wedding. But for other color suggestions, read what color suit for a wedding

can guys wear white to wedding


Etiquette For Guests: Can Guys Wear White To Wedding


Check the dress code

Before anything else, male guests should check the wedding invitation and website regarding the wedding dress code. Men can wear white, but remember that the classic black suit or navy blazer will look more formal, especially for some weddings. 

If the wedding is held indoors or in the evening, dark outfits are preferred for guests. Instead of wearing white, opt for dark gray or maroon to look dapper for the wedding. 

On the contrary, a white suit, blazer, or suit, might not be practical for guys attending an outdoor wedding since white can quickly get dirty. If it’s a hot daytime wedding, you can opt for other light colors like tan instead of white. 


Check the wedding party’s suits

The second consideration for men who want to wear white to a wedding is the wedding party’s color. While grooms often wear black or dark blue suits to their weddings, some men prefer coordinating with their brides that they’d also wear a white suit for the wedding. 

And even if the groom won’t wear white, you should check the outfit color of the guys or groomsmen accompanying the groom. If they wear white to the wedding, you must pick another color according to wedding etiquette. 

A print can be acceptable for guests at destination and themed weddings, so why not wear something with a white background and interesting patterns over it? But of course, maintain modesty so you won’t stand out at somebody else’s wedding. 


Can A Man Wear A White Suit To A Wedding?

Wearing white can be acceptable at a wedding as long as it suits the dress code and the groom or groomsmen won’t be wearing white. But for a white suit, men will risk standing out much like a woman wearing a white dress to a wedding. 

It might seem disrespectful, especially if the recommended color scheme for the outfits of the wedding guests is dark colors. However, guys can wear white suits if they have the signal from the couple. 

Most couples list recommended colors and outfits for their wedding on their website. If you wear a white suit, you should also pick a different color for your inner shirt and pants, so your overall look won’t be all-white or bridal. 


Can A Man Wear A White Blazer To A Wedding?

A man can wear a white blazer to a wedding, especially for a destination, outdoor, summer, or casual wedding, where light-colored blazers would be acceptable and practical. But of course, pick a white blazer that would not make you look like the groom. 

When in doubt, ask the groom himself if the men can wear white to his wedding. You should also avoid pairing a white top with white pants. 

And, of course, you can always dress up or down your overall look to match the wedding dress code. However, never arrive overdressed or underdressed for the wedding. 


Can I Wear A White Shirt To A Wedding?

White shirts like button-downs are commonly what guys wear to weddings, especially those with a more laid-back theme. A good-fitting white shirt can make you look neat compared to wearing something with a print. 

Another wedding where men should wear a white shirt is if it’s hot and you need a comfortable inner for your suit. And in some beach weddings, most men wear a buttoned collared shirt with khakis to match the venue and maintain comfort. 

The only exception worth discussing is white t-shirts. Even though it’s a casual wedding, you should still look smart and stylish. 


What Can A Man Wear To A Wedding Instead Of A Suit?

Men are not obliged to wear suits at weddings unless formal, semi-formal, or black-tie. However, you still need to look polished as a wedding guest, so you can wear a jacket, blazer, or sportscoat that looks like a suit but is more comfortable. 

In some casual and destination weddings, the couple might also allow the guests in polos or button-down shirts instead of suits and jackets. For more examples, you can read what to wear to a wedding men guest no suit


What Color Should A Guy Wear To A Wedding?

The color of outfits for men attending the wedding will depend on the dress code, time, season, venue, and theme. For a quick tip, dark colors are preferred for formal, evening, and cold weddings, while light colors suit casual and hot weddings. 



Was this attire guide helpful? The answer to can guys wear white to wedding is yes, as long as it’s not an all-white attire, not the color of the wedding party, and white is practical with the venue. 

White is not a common color for men at weddings because it can seem bridal. Instead, the most common colors for guys at weddings are navy, gray, tan, brown, or black. 

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