The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Bugaboo Breezy Stroller Sun Canopy

It is important to keep your stroller canopy clean and protected. How many times have you seen a little one with dirty hands, playing in the dirt or eating ice cream? How about all that pollen from springtime? Or how about when we get caught in those sudden downpours this time of year?

Dirt, dust, pollen and rain are just some of the things that can make their way onto our strollers. The good news is they can be washed away! To help you wash your bugaboo breezy stroller sun canopy properly here’s what to do and what not to do.

Bugaboo Breezy Stroller


What not to do:

Step 1. Never submerge the stroller canopy in water as it may become warped and result in leaking. It is recommended that you use a damp cloth, like an old washcloth or dish towel, instead of any liquids to avoid damaging your bugaboo breezy sun shield.

Step 2. Do not put anything other than water on it (no soap). This includes sticky substances from food products such as ice cream and strawberries, which will leave stains if they are left sitting for too long.

Do this:

Step 1. First, make sure the surface is dry before washing. Wet surfaces can lead to more dirt collecting so be sure there’s no excess moisture either before or after dipping into the tub.

Step 2. Use the splashes washcloth method. A quick spray of water is enough to wet your hands or dishcloth with detergent and gently scrub around the shield’s surface, avoiding any seams or zippers.

Step 3. Rinse thoroughly before washing another panel if you have multiple panels attached.

Do not do this:

Step 1. Do not use soap on it because it will eventually wear out the fabric and reduce its effectiveness in protecting from UV rays as time goes on (use only water).

Soap can also leave stains that are hard to get rid of afterwards including yellowing when left sitting for too long without cleaning immediately. If you do need something other than water, make sure whatever liquid substance used is a neutral pH and free of soap, alcohol or any other harsh chemicals.

Do not use bleach on the fabric because it will shorten its lifespan severely by leaving yellow stains that are difficult to remove with just water alone.


How can You Prevent Sun Damage?

Make sure your child is wearing appropriate SPF clothing and hat when outside for long periods of time during peak hours (morning/afternoon). Apply sunscreen liberally at least 20 minutes before going out in the sunlight so it has time to absorb into the skin before UV exposure begins.

This protects from both UVA and UVB rays which cause premature ageing as well as burns if unprotected! Sunscreen does expire after some point but typically lasts up to three years without an expiration date provided at the point of purchase.


Keep a few tips in mind when washing your bugaboo breezy stroller sun canopy:

  • Use cold or warm water and dish detergent to wash with
  • Rinse completely before hanging outside to dry upside down on clothesline, over shower stall, etc
  • Professional laundry services may be used but only if spot cleaning does not remove stain from the fabric


How do You Get Rid of Yellow Stains That are Difficult to Remove With Just Water alone?

Mix hydrogen peroxide (or other bleach) and cream of tartar for an effective bleaching agent! Apply evenly onto the surface area until it is fully saturated then allow drying time while repeating every day until all traces have disappeared.


How to Attach a sun Canopy to a Bugaboo Bee Bassinet

Attach the sun canopy to your Bugaboo Bee bassinet by opening it, attaching a safety strap on one side and then clipping the other end onto an available bar. Slide-out any excess fabric that is not needed for this process before you finish securing both ends of the fabric with Velcro tabs.


How to Attach a sun Canopy to a Baby Jogger Stroller Frame

  • Remove all wheel attachments from metal tubes first so they do not interfere in getting close enough to snap together
  • Align two parts together at the top tube joint and push down firmly until clips release – make sure bottom tube joints are seated securely over each other’s clip areas
  • Press the handle trigger button as soon as possible after snapping pieces together so that they will be locked in place
  • Press the trigger button once more to release the handle from the locked position.


How do you Clean Bugaboo Bee Fabric?

The key to maintaining your breezy’s colour is to keep it out of direct sunlight. If the light becomes unavoidable, use a sunblock that has an SPF rating of at least 50.

It is best not to leave the Breezy in direct sunshine for more than two hours. When washing, be sure that any water does not drip onto wheels or wheel sockets because this can lead to rusting and other problems.

Always follow care instructions provided by the manufacturer when cleaning fabrics as well as all parts of the product including seams, zippers, handles etc., and always air dry after washing

Lukewarm water and mild soap are recommended for washing the Breezy

Always follow care instructions provided by the manufacturer when cleaning fabrics as well as all parts of the product including seams, zippers, handles etc., and always air dry after washing.


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