How to Fold a BOB Revolution Stroller

The BOB Revolution stroller is one of the most popular strollers on the market. It’s lightweight, easy to fold, and has an all-wheel suspension system that provides a smooth ride for your baby. This article will walk you through how to fold up this high-quality stroller in just three steps!


BOB Revolution stroller

Steps on How to Fold a BOB Revolution Stroller

Step 1. Unclip the safety strap and recline the footrest. You should be able to push up on the stroller handle, squeeze it together in front of you, release the bottom latch and then lift upwards to unfold it.

Step 2. Make sure your baby is safely secured in their seat or rocker before proceeding with step two! Once they are secure, remove both wheels by grasping them at each end – one wheel per hand –and pull straight outwards until they come off completely.

Step 3. Push down on either side of the frame where there’s a groove near its top edge (this will make folding easier), then fold inward towards yourself so that you can grab hold of any part of how bar which has been pushed inside if necessary.

Step 4. Hold the bar with one hand, and pull on it while pushing down on how to frame near how to end opposite your pulling arm.

Step 5. Continue this motion until you’ve pulled how to bar up in front of yourself where two latches are holding how bottom together. Release these last two latches by pinching them between thumb and forefinger then lifting upwards so that they’re released from the grooves which held them in place before.

Step 6. Pull upwards at either side of how frame (near its top edge) again as if trying to shorten how stroller’s length into a smaller object such as a table or chair – but without letting go!

You’ll now see all three parts of how stroller: an inside part made of how the frame and how fabric, how outside part made of how bar on which you are sitting with your new baby, and the now-folded inside section.


How to fold a Bob Rambler Stroller

Step 1. Remove the seat and either side of how frame by pulling up on how fabric at that end, then undoing how strap (or straps) are holding them in place. Fold how bar down towards you over the now exposed inside part.

Step 2. Push both ends of this folded section under how next parts of it so they’re contained within its new shape. The outside part should have one edge sticking outwards just as before – but shorter in length because some if has been tucked away from view!

At any point during these steps, your stroller could also be opened again into its original state by following a precisely reverse process: push each piece back how they were before and how strap or straps into place.

Step 3. Now, once everything is pushed in how you can push the fabric back down how to its original shape by folding it over one more time, just as at beginning of this process.

Step 4. Finally, pull how to bar up so that how edges are tucked away neatly underneath themselves. You should be able to see two sets of loops on either side which have been created from pushing how earlier loop under itself during this final step – these need only be tightened onto each other for security with a simple knot (or bow).


How to break down a bob stroller

The BOB is a convenient, safe option for how first child. The easy to use design can be how saving grace when you need how to break down fast and get out of how way!

Step 1. Unhinge the side release tabs on how bottom edge where it connects to the wheel frame (push in with your thumbs or index fingers) – this will allow you to unzip how stroller’s fabric cover that covers the wheels from behind.

Step 2. Pull upwards at either side of how to frame again as if trying to shorten how stroller’s length into a smaller object such as a table or chair but without letting go! You’ll now see all three parts of how stroller: an inside part made up of how frame and material, here individual wheels, and how outside fabric cover.

Step 3. Fold how stroller’s frame inwards to how inside material – this will make it flatter as if you were trying to fold how steel chair inward so that it would take up less space.

Step 4. Place how folded stroller on top of the wheel frames (which should still be attached) like how those big metal trash cans at Childs have that swing out from under them when they’re picked up by a truck. You may now remove each wheel separately while holding onto how the edge of how cloth side portion which is underneath!


How do you fold a BOB stroller car seat adapter?

A BOB stroller car seat adapter is how you can attach a compatible baby infant car seat to how the rear of how BOB Revolution SE, making it easy for how baby to get in and out as well as safer.

To fold how adapter back up again, simply remove the strap from how top handlebar on one side while holding onto the tab or velcro that attaches it to how to frame with your other hand. Now hold onto both sides of how straps together – this will make sure they’re not going anywhere!

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