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What Color Curtains For A Blue Room?

If you like blue and the color of your room is blue, you should make sure that the color of your curtains complements blue as well.

It would depend on what shade or hue of blue you chose to paint your walls.

As colors that would complement such room will be different for every shade.

Considering that you have a dark blue colored wall, you need to have a light-colored curtain to balance the lighting inside the room.

On the contrary, when you have light blue painted walls, you can have a dark-colored curtain to control the light.

So, blue room what color curtains?

We have here different ideas to share with you.

We hope that this helps you out in choosing what would look best in your room.


Option #1. White curtains

This first option can go along with any shade of the blue room.

White goes perfectly with any color because it matches it.

White can be suitable for too dark-colored rooms and can also be good for light-colored rooms.

It will keep it balanced and look good.

When they get confused about the color schemes, most people opt to use just white curtains since nothing can wrong with it.

White curtains can be plain white, embroidered, or depend on how you want them to look.


Option #2. Taupe colored curtains

This color may not be too familiar to you, but this works perfectly with navy blue colored walls.

Taupe is a shade of nude or brown that is just in an average hue- which means it is pretty with navy blue walls.

Remember that navy blue walls can range into different hues.

But, do not worry because taupe can go along with any shade of navy blue.


Option #3. Dark Orange curtains

The next option you have is for dark-colored rooms.

When you opt for something that has a dark blue room, then use dark orange curtains.

An example of such is a desert orange shade.

It simply looks stunning, and it can never go wrong with the shade of room you prefer.

Orang gives a bright and subtle touch to a room that makes it suitable for dark-colored rooms, especially blue.

To balance the whole room where blue represents ice and orang represents fire. So it is lovely to see both in one room.


Option #4. Light pink curtains

When you want to have that very light shade of blue painted on your room, you do not need to worry about your curtains.

Blue and pink work so well together.

You can have light pink curtains as well, one that is closer to beige.

It will look great in your room, and it’ll look balanced.

Pale blue walls look fire with pink color curtains, specifically the dusty pink ones.


Option #5. Navy blue curtains

There are dark-colored curtains in a hue that is not too dark that it would look like a pastel color.

You can add a navy blue curtain for bold and extravagant touch to your room. It will have that play on the shade of blue.

When you want to experiment, you can try to look for palettes on Pinterest to make sure.

You can then try to make it look so good.

Navy blue curtains have this touch of elegance when you hang them on your wall.

It is one of the royal colors, and it would look stunning inside your room.


Option #6. Black curtains

We all know that black goes with anything, and that includes blue walls too.

The combination will make your room look elegant and bold.

Personally, black makes anything look classic, which I usually opt to achieve.

So, if you think the same, then black would suit your taste.

However, some people find black as too dark or maybe unpleasant. So then you try charcoal grey as an alternative.


Option #7. Orange curtains

Orange with blue walls? That would look a bit peculiar.

But if you want to experiment with color combinations, then this one is a must-try.

You don’t have to stick with neutral colors to make your room aesthetic.

Bold colors like orange will add spice to the room; try matching the color with all the furniture and create a pleasing look.

The color orange generates warmth inside the room which will complement any shades of blue.

Finding the best color to complement your room has a massive impact on its final look.

So, make sure to get the perfect combination to make your room look amazing!

Are you curious about other color combinations that would complement your room? Then this article might help.

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