4 Best Water Stain Product For Painting Damaged Ceiling

If you want to remove water stains from your ceiling paint, here is an article about the best water stain product for painting damaged ceiling. Right now, KILZ is the best product for paint damage caused by water stains.

KILZ is a primer, which is used before applying paint and can block stains. We have written below some alternatives to primers that are more direct in removing stains. This article will tackle water stains, water stain products for ceiling paint damage, and applying those products.

best water stain product for painting damaged ceiling


Where Do Water Stains Come From?

Leaks usually cause water stains on the ceiling. It may be a roof leak, a heating appliance leak, or a plumbing leak. The discoloration you see on the ceiling paint is caused by a leak that has evaporated.

Water stains indicate a potentially serious problem and require more than a repainting of your ceiling. If you leave your water-stained ceiling unchecked, it may swell and distort, resulting in damaged ceiling paint. It may even structurally damage your home.

You have to get your ceiling checked for the water stain’s root cause to prevent this from happening. In this situation, you would benefit more if you call a professional plumber.


Are water stains difficult to remove?

As mentioned above, you have to fix the root cause of the water stains before attempting to remove them, and after that, removing the water stains on the ceiling’s damaged paint would be easy.

You can use the products that we will talk about below. You can use a bleach solution to remove your water stains, too. However, you will still likely use the products below to adequately cover the watermarks and prime your ceiling for painting.

Moreover, if you want to save up on the costs of the repair and repainting of your ceiling, then try to see if your home’s water damage is included in your insurance coverage. You can contact your lawyer and insurance company to clarify the policies regarding your insurance.


What are the best water stain products in the market right now for paint damage?

To adequately cover and protect your ceiling paint, you have to choose an oil-based primer, stain-blocking, and mold-resistant. It has to be oil-based so that water would not be able to bleed through your ceiling because oil is water-insoluble.

Another thing you have to consider is the color or shade of your primer, and it has to match your existing ceiling. Here are the best water stain products for paint damage.


1. Kilz

If your water damage is extensive and requires heavy lifting, you can use the KILZ Restoration primer. It is oil-based and can remove the toughest of stains.

However, you can also use KILZ UPSHOT as this blocks out most water stains as well as odors. You can use KILZ UPSHOT on surfaces like drywall and plaster, which means you can use it on your ceiling. It is also in the form of an aerosol, so it would be easier to apply it to your ceiling.


2. Zinsser 

For stubborn stains on your wooden ceiling, you can use Zinsser Cover Stain. However, this product takes too long to dry and is difficult to wash out.

Zinsser also has an aerosol product that is perfect for water stain patches on your ceiling, and it is called Zinsser Primer Stain Killer Aerosol. You have to spray it to your ceiling and let it dry before applying a second coat.

Zinsser’s Bulls Eye 123 Primer Sealer is also loved by many because it can cover and block water stains and seals MDF.


3. Insta-Gone

Instagone is a liquid spray similar to a bleach solution you use to remove the stains on your ceiling. It does not protect your ceiling like the primers Kilz and Zinsser do.

Moreover, when you use Instagone, you have to use a mask and goggles, especially when applying them to your ceiling. This is because it has a strong chlorine smell and could be potentially harmful.


4. Magic Eraser

Like Instagone, Magic Eraser is not a primer that can block stains. However, it can effectively remove them, and it is easy to use. You have to rub it on the water-stained surface.


How to use water stain products on paint damaged ceiling

We wish to remind you again that before handling your paint-damaged ceiling’s water stain, you have to fix the leak that caused it first. After doing that, you can use your bleaching solution to remove the water stains.

You can also use Instagone and spray it on the affected surface or scrub the Magic Eraser on the water-stained surface. After removing the stain, you can use either KILZ or Zinsser to prime your surface.

Whether you use their aerosol products or their standard primer, leave them to dry before applying your paint. After that, your ceiling should look as good as new.



Knowing the best water stain product for painting damaged ceiling can prove to be helpful when you get another mishap. Only this time, you can make an informed choice and choose which product you think will work best for you!

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