Steps to Remove Odors and Dust from Bassinet Mattress Pad

The Bassinet Mattress Pad is a mattress pad designed to fit over the top of your bassinet mattress. It protects your baby from overheating and provides extra padding for added comfort. This article will discuss how you can clean these items so that they remain in good condition and protect your little one.


Bassinet Mattress Pad

Steps on how to clean Bassinet Mattress Pad

Step 1.  To remove the fabric, first unzip and detach it from the bassinet.

Step 2. Next you will need to take all of your screws out and then lift off each side panel with its legs attached to them.

Step 3. Finally, remove your mattress pad by unsnapping it around its border before sliding it up towards where the hood is attached.

Step 4. Once you have all of these pieces disassembled, it will be easier to clean the fabric and remove stains from your mattress pad!


How tall is the Fisher Price soothing motions bassinet?

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet holds a baby up to 25 pounds and 32 inches.


Steps on how to take a bassinet cover off 

Step 1. Lay the bassinet on its side with the mattress facing up. Pull on both of the buckles to release them from their loops and lift off one corner of the cover while it’s still attached at this buckle.

Step 2. Roll back each half of fabric until they are not touching, exposing a set of flaps.

Step 3. At the corner where you started, pull on each of these two straps (still buckled) to release them from their loops and lift off one side of fabric at a time.

Step 4. Replace or clean your cover as needed. Make sure it is well attached before placing baby in bassinet again.

How to put a bassinet cover back on 

Step 1. After you have removed the cover, place it on a flat surface with the bassinet frame facing up.

Step 2. Pull each side of fabric until they are not touching and exposing flaps at all four sides. -At one corner where you started, pull on each buckle to release them from their loops. Slip the fabric under each arm. -Make sure your straps are inside of flaps and not underneath fabric panels before you continue.

Step 3. With a back corner in hand, lift it up to about waist height on baby’s side of bassinet frame and grasp other corners with your free hands .

Step 4. Holding corners in place, shake the cover up and down to ensure fabric is not twisted. -Make sure there are no twists or buckles that will prevent you from putting it back on correctly before continuing.

Place your hand under each side of bassinet frame with a corner in each palm. Lift up bassinet cover and pull fabric out from under the mattress.


How to Clean A Bassinet Cover

Step 1. Flip the mattress pad over and remove all items (bumpers, decorative pillows) -Remove Velcro pieces that are on top of crib sheet by pulling them off carefully. Do not tear or rip material while doing so. Spray stiffened areas with water to loosen any dirt/mold before placing back into washer for cleaning.

Wash separately using warm water cycle only along with regular detergent without bleach or softener added. Dry on low setting until completely dry which can take several hours depending on humidity levels at the time of drying.

Step 2. Remove crib sheet by pulling around the edges of the mattress to get under the corners. Do not remove any other fabrics on top of the bassinet pad.

Make sure all Velcro pieces are removed from underneath fabric before washing thoroughly in warm water and regular detergent without bleach or softener added

Step 3. Hang out to dry until completely dried which can take several hours depending on humidity levels at time of drying.

Reassemble items back onto bassinet in reverse order: sheets, bumpers (if desired), decorative pillows( if desired) and cover using original instructions provided with product for assembly when purchased new. Place cover over top once again making sure it is properly fitted down all sides securely


How to adjust the height on a Bassinet

The height of the bassinet can be adjusted by re-threading the straps on each side. To adjust the height, you will need to locate two nylon adjustment belts inside your Bassinet area. These are located under a panel with Velcro which is near the mattress. To remove or change this panel, simply flip it backward and pull it out.


Steps on How to pack a Pack n play with a bassinet:

Step 1. Unzip the mattress base and take out of the frame, if necessary. If you can remove it from the frame, do so.

Open up the bassinet and remove it from the fabric shell. If you have a solid color, this step will not be necessary.

Step 2. Turn the mattress around if desired or needed for cleaning purposes (i.e., dried milk). The top side of your dream suite is plastic rather than cloth which makes clean up much easier!

Step 3. Remove any pieces that were taken out at previous steps before putting them back in place to complete assembly process! How easy was that?

It is not difficult at all considering how wonderful Graco products are with their removable parts or features that make life easier when dealing with parenting issues such as diaper changes and baby care items like diapers themselves, wipes case holder during changing time, etc.

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