What is a Bassinet Blanket? All You Need to Know

A bassinet blanket is a small quilt that can be used to make a mattress for an infant’s bed. In the past, mothers made their own but today they are available at most baby stores and online. What makes them unique from other types of blankets is that there are no seams in between each square or rectangle piece of fabric, making it easy for a mother to take apart when washing.

They also usually have ties along one edge so you can keep it secured around the mattress itself, rather than having sheets that would need to be tucked underneath as well!

Bassinet Blanket

Bassinet mattresses should not be lower than ten inches high because this was found through research studies on sudden unexpected deaths in infants (SUID during sleep time – especially SIDS) than infants who sleep on a surface below ten inches are more prone to falling off and suffocating.

What makes this even worse is not only does it happen but often the infant’s head becomes trapped in between the mattress and side of the bassinet, causing them to suffocate or become deprived of oxygen.

A great way you can make sure your baby has a good night’s rest is by investing in one! Not only will they have comfort from their blanket, but also from knowing what happened with other babies was preventable because they were using a safe product such as these blankets made for bassinets.


Steps on How to Make a Bassinet Mattress Cover

These steps on how to make a bassinet mattress cover should help:

Step 1. Use an old fitted sheet

Step 2. Sew three sides together leaving room at the bottom

Step 3. Cut fabric to fit into the bottom (leave an extra inch for seam allowance)

Step 4. Apply glue along three sides and fold over the fabric

Step 5. Sew up the final side when the glue has dried.


How Often Should You Change Your Baby’s Diaper?

Which oil is best for dry skin during the winter months? How do I keep my newborns warm at night but not overheat them? These are all common questions that parents have, so here are some tips on how to care for a newborn.

First, always use hypoallergenic diapers because babies can easily get irritated by regular ones.

Second, be sure the baby isn’t exposed to too much cold air when sleeping or playing outside. Lastly, put lotion on little ones after bath time while their skin is still damp.


Steps on How to Make Bassinet Mattress

Step 1. Cut materials needed for the base of the mattress. Sew all pieces together to create one big piece. Fold in half and sew sides shut, then turn inside out to hide seams.

Step 2. Trim corners off so they are rounded after turning it right side out again when finished sewing each edge closed with a zigzag stitch.

Step 3. Add the foam pad and use safety pins to keep it in place until you’re ready to add batting, then sew around all edges on your sewing machine with a straight stitch. Add more batting if needed so that there is at least half an inch between the top of the mattress and how high up inside where baby’s head will be.

Sew all pieces together to create one big piece. Fold in half and sew sides shut, then turn inside out to hide seams.


How to Make a Bassinet Cover

Step 1. Cut out two pieces of fabric equal to each other plus an inch extra around the entire perimeter there are no seams.

Step 2. Sew the two pieces of fabric together, leaving one side open for turning. Turn the right side out and topstitch around the entire edge. Sew around the perimeter again on each end (these will be your handles).

Step 3. Place the mattress pad in the bottom half of the cover with rounded edges tucked under. Place foam core in the centre then places fitted sheet overtop, pulling tight to gather all four corners so they meet at floor level.

Use pins if needed to hold everything tightly.- Pin gathered corner down firmly onto foam core/mattress pad sandwich inside of the case.

Step 4. Repeat process for opposite gathered get. Fold up the bottom edge of the fitted sheet so that it’s now at least 14 tall (or whatever height is recommended for your mattress).

Step 5. Use sturdy thread when hand sewing. Be sure you sew through your top fabric as well as whatever was used to make the packaging bag – this step ensures that it is durable enough not to stretch or tear during use.)


What is the Best Fabric for Crib Sheets? 

Cotton is the most common choice for crib sheets. – cotton makes it easy to clean and cotton fabric is very much wrinkle-free.


What Does a Bassinet Mattress Cover do?

A bassinet mattress cover protects your baby from dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, bacteria & other microorganisms that might be present in the air he/she breathes daily while sleeping on his/her small infant bedding.

Bassinet fitted sheet protector mattresses have no waterproof layers or protection against fluids so you must change them frequently as needed to prevent leaks from damaging the surface below.

Crib fitted sheet protector provides an extra layer of cushioning between babies’ sensitive skin and fabrics  that might irritate it


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