35 Unique And Cute Baby Shower T Shirt Ideas

You can give the expecting mom and dad these funny and cute baby shower t shirt ideas they can wear at the party. Some of these shirts can even be worn by the whole family to welcome the baby girl, baby boy, or to celebrate the gender reveal party. 

Giving customized items and products at the baby shower is always appreciated, as they are mementos of the occasion. And more than baby shower shirt designs, we’ve even discussed below how to make them at home if you’re on a  budget. 


35 Hilarious And Creative Baby Shower T Shirt Ideas


Baby Shower T Shirt Ideas For The Mommy To Be

Make the guest of honor stand out with a customized shirt with a creative or fun design to celebrate her baby. Just get a shirt with the correct size and breathable fabric to ensure that it’ll be comfortable for her to wear. 

  • Mommy to be: a simple pastel-colored t-shirt with a large logo saying “Mommy to be”
  • “Mom” in her native language: consider the mom’s culture and use the word “Mom” in her native language
  • Funny puns, logos, and phrases: get creative with the t-shirt design using fun jokes like “Loading” printed on her belly 
  • Baby shower theme-inspired mom shirt: use the party theme as inspiration for the t-shirt print (e.g., “Mama Bear” for a woodland-themed baby shower
  • Matching t-shirt and onesie: surprise the mom-to-be with a matching onesie and t-shirt with her little one

Are you also planning on giving the expecting mommy some maternity clothes as gifts? You can check where to buy a baby shower dress for stylish products that are also mom-to-be-approved. 


Baby Shower T Shirt Ideas For The Daddy To Be

Dad nowadays has their own baby shower called the diaper party. And if you’re hosting one, here are some fun baby shower shirt ideas you can have him wear:

  • Daddy-to-be: a basic printed shirt to make the guest of honor stand out at the party
  • “Dad” in his native language: surprise the expecting dad with a custom-printed shirt of the word “Dad” in his native language
  • Funny puns, logos, and phrases: there are many creative and funny phrases to use for the dad’s baby shower shirt, perfect for the expecting dad known for his sense of humor (e.g., Man Behind The Bump)
  • Baby shower theme-inspired dad shirt: what’s the baby shower theme? It can inspire the dad’s shirt at the party 
  • Matching t-shirt and onesie: you can also get similar designs for the onesie and the dad’s t-shirt as a memorable baby shower gift

Besides wearing a customized t-shirt, read baby shower outfits for dad to look extra dapper for the event. 


Matching Baby Shower Shirts For The Expecting Couple

Co-ed baby showers are common nowadays, so it’s only fitting to get matching baby shower shirts for the expecting mom and dad. Because they’re a pair, you can get imaginative and creative with the design on use on the shirts. 

  • Daddy and mommy to be: simple couple shirt design for the expecting parents 
  • Funny baking wordplay: a matching bun in the oven and man behind the bun baby shower shirt idea
  • Family shirts with onesie: if this isn’t the couple’s first baby, why not get the whole family matching shirts to welcome their baby?
  • Bellies versus bumps: perfect for the humorous couple, get them matching baby shower t-shirts with beer belly and baby bump prints that can also inspire a hilarious baby shower game 
  • We are pregnant: a simple baby announcement design for the excited mommy and daddy


Baby Shower T Shirt Ideas For Grandpa and Grandma To Be

Grandma and grandpa are undoubtedly among the most excited family members with the pregnancy and baby announcement. You can also get them family shirts to celebrate the party. 

  • Theme-inspired baby shower t-shirt: think of a fun pun that is inspired by the party theme (e.g., Grandma to bee for a bee-themed baby shower)
  • Grandma-to-be: the perfect shirt print design for the excited grandma
  • Pink or blue grandpa loves you: a shirt design that grandpa can wear for the gender reveal party
  • 1st-time grandpa: something grandpa can wear, not just at the baby shower, but when meeting the baby 
  • I’ve been promoted to grandma/grandpa again: shirts for the excited grandparents at a baby sprinkle


Baby Shower T Shirt Ideas For Gender Reveal Party

Are you having the baby’s gender announcement at the baby shower? Consider these shirt designs for the expecting mom and dad:

  • Team girl and team boy: a lighthearted competition between the mom and dad between having a son or a daughter 
  • Girl or boy you’ll bring so much joy: at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the baby’s gender will be so you can consider this heartwarming design for the couple’s shirts
  • Baby ghoul or baby boo: a spooky but cute shirt design idea for the gender reveal party
  • Team healthy baby: a baby shower t-shirt that can also be worn by the expecting aunt or uncle
  • What’s in the oven: an adorable baby shower shirt print for the baby gender announcement


Baby Girl Baby Shower Shirt Designs

If you have a gender-specific baby shower to celebrate the baby girl, these designs look fantastic for the expecting parents’ shirts. You don’t have only to put them on pink t-shirts, but it’s a classic color theme for the baby girl party for a reason. 

  • Daddy/mommy of a princess: a classic design for family shirts, but you can always add logos and other designs to make these baby shower shirts more unique
  • Baby girl loading: a more creative way to show your excitement for the baby girl
  • Welcome little girl: t-shirt idea that the whole family can also wear
  • It’s a girl: a surprise baby announcement at the baby shower (i.e., the expecting parents can wear this shirt to announce they’re expecting a baby girl at the baby shower)
  • Say hello to our little girl: can be paired with a matching pink onesie for the baby


Baby Boy Baby Shower Shirt Designs

Consider these designs for your blue baby shower t-shirts to welcome the baby boy. You can also get inspired by the party theme and rhyme words with “boy” for the print. 

  • Oh boy: you can pair this classic shirt design idea with words related to the baby shower theme (e.g., Ahoy It’s A Boy for a nautical baby shower)
  • Say hello to our little boy: matching family shirts for the excited family
  • It’s a boy: the expecting parents can wear this shirt to announce they’re expecting a baby boy at the baby shower
  • Mom/dad of a mini-boss: a cute baby shower t-shirt for a gentleman-themed baby shower
  • Welcome little sonshine: a creative pun to welcome the baby boy at the baby shower


How Do I Make A Baby Shower T Shirt?

You can always order custom shirts for the baby shower from printing companies. But if you’re feeling creative or you think it’s more cost-effective, it’s also possible to print fun designs on t-shirts for the party at home. 


Step 1. Choose the t-shirts to use

  • Select the t-shirts where you’ll print the baby shower design 
  • Cotton is a comfortable fabric for pregnant women, so you can choose this for the mom’s baby shower t-shirt
  • You can also pick a breathable fabric like a cotton-polyester blend for other baby shower shirts to cut costs


Step 2. Prepare your printer and paper

  • Buy heat transfer paper the same size as your printer’s regular paper for easier printing 
  • Use light transfer paper if you’re printing on light baby shower shirts like pastel colors
  • Use dark transfer paper if your baby shower t-shirts are in dark colors
  • Prepare your inkjet printer


Step 3. Print and cut the designs for the baby shower shirts

  • Print the design on the blank side of the transfer paper
  • Adjust the image and experiment to ensure the design will look proportional on the shirt
  • Cut out the excess paper around the printed image 


Step 4. Print out the baby shower t-shirts

  • Cover your table with a cotton pillowcase to protect it from heat
  • Adjust the iron’s temperature based on the transfer paper’s advice
  • Make sure the iron’s steam setting is off 
  • Once the iron is warm, place the baby shower t-shirt over the pillowcase
  • Iron the shirt to remove wrinkles
  • Place the design face down if it’s a light-colored shirt and face up for dark-colored shirts
  • Make sure the design is in the position you want it to show at the baby shower shirt (e.g., your design might need to be positioned on the belly for the joke to work)
  • Press the iron over the shirt to start the heat press and leave it there based on the transfer paper’s advice
  • Let everything cool, and peel the paper off to finish


Where To Buy Baby Shower T Shirts?

You can purchase baby shower shirts from different stores and printing companies to save time and effort. 



Etsy offers a selection of baby shower t-shirts to choose from. They range from $9 to under $20, and you can even purchase family shirts to include uncles, aunts, siblings, and grandparents.



If you purchase your baby shower gift for the expecting parents at Amazon, you can include their baby shower shirts in your cart. Amazon has an array of affordable baby shower shirts with fun designs and funny images for creative and humorous parents-to-be. 



Known for baby shower products and designs, you can also order your shirts for the party at Zazzle. This store is a good option if you want unique t-shirts for the expecting dad



Do you want original and customized t-shirts for the baby shower? You can order at Rush Order Tees, picking from different shirt colors and designs. 


What Is The Budget For Baby Shower T Shirts?

The expecting mom or dad doesn’t need to wear custom t-shirts at the baby shower, so it’s up to the host if they want to spend around $20 for custom shirts. They make great gifts for the party, and the guests of honor will surely appreciate having personalized mementos from the baby shower. 

You can also compare the costs of buying and printing baby shower shirts at home. Alternatively, why not make baby shower t-shirts a party activity for everyone? 


What Color T-Shirt Should You Wear To A Baby Shower?

When ordering or making custom baby shower t-shirts, there are no specific rules on the colors you should use. But of course, there is the classic pink and blue theme for the baby girl or baby boy shower. 

You can also pick a white shirt as it’s an excellent background for different designs without having the finished t-shirt look over the top. The baby shower theme can even inspire the color of the family shirts.

For example, it’s suitable to wear black shirts if the baby shower theme is little gentleman. Yellow shirts, on the other hand, would be fantastic for a bee-themed baby shower. 


Who Gets A Baby Shower T Shirt?

Customized baby shower t-shirts are ideal gifts for expecting parents. The mom and dad-to-be can wear matching shirts at the baby shower, which is also a great way to make the guests of honor stand out at their party. 

Other family members and close friends might also wear matching shirt designs to show their support and love for the couple. This is why it’s also popular to have shirt designs for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings.

And for other guests, you can read what to wear to a baby shower for outfit etiquette. 



And that’s it! We hope these baby shower t shirt ideas inspire what you’ll give to the expecting parents or as the design for family shirts. 

You can print the shirts at home or purchase them from places where you can usually get custom baby shower items. However, know that it’s not mandatory to get shirts for the expecting parents, but they’ll surely appreciate these baby shower memorabilia. 

Below are other personalized items you think would make great gifts for the mommy and daddy-to-be!

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