15 Best Baby Shower Hostess Gifts To Show Your Appreciation

Do you need to know what baby shower hostess gifts they would want and use? Try these 15 gifts that are not only thoughtful, but we’ve also included inexpensive ideas if you have a limited budget. 

We’ll help you prepare a gift basket, choose the best gift card, and come up with unique hostess gifts to thank her for the party. And if you don’t know what’s a reasonable amount to give for the baby shower host gift, you can read the etiquette on how much to spend on a baby shower hostess gift

baby shower hostess gifts


15 Thoughtful Baby Shower Hostess Gifts She’ll Actually Want


Baby Shower Hostess Gift Basket Ideas That She’ll Actually Use

One of the best gifts to give to someone who threw you a baby shower is a gift box or basket with selected products and items. Try these gift basket themes that the hostess will surely want and have a use for: 


Pamper gift basket

Planning for the baby shower party takes time and effort, so what better way to show appreciation to the baby shower host than a gift basket with a home spa and pamper set? 

You can put on some skincare products, relaxing oils, scented candles, or even a manicure set in the pamper gift basket. If you have the time, you can even make her a loofah or soap yourself with colors and scents you know she’ll love. 


Baking gift basket

Does your baby shower hostess love baking? Maybe she also prepared impressively delicious pastries and desserts at your baby shower. 

Baking essentials can inspire your gift for her. If she has a favorite recipe, you can also make a gift basket with everything she needs. 


Movie night gift basket

A fantastic gift basket idea for the baby shower host or hostess would be a movie night box. You can include their favorite movie DVD and snacks like candy bars and popcorn. 


Baby Shower Hostess Gift Cards That Will Surely Make Her Happy

Another gift option to show your appreciation for the host or hostess’ effort with your party is a gift card. Here are the best gift cards to thank your family or friend who hosted your baby shower as you want to gift something that will be used and needed:



An Amazon gift card is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone receiving a gift card because almost everyone nowadays shops at Amazon. You can gift your baby shower hostess based on the amount you want.

What’s convenient is you can choose from an eGift card, print at home, or have a physical gift card mailed to you. And for a personal touch, why not add a photo to make your hostess gift card more memorable? 



If your baby shower host or hostess loves their wine, you can buy an online gift card from Wine.com. You can choose between $25 to $500, so there’s a gift card option for all budgets. 



Treat your baby shower hostess for their effort in throwing you a fantastic party with an Airbnb gift card. It never expires, and they can use it for their next travel. 


Unique Experiences As Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Besides a gift card or basket, your baby shower hostess will feel appreciated and loved if you gift her an experience. Consider something personal based on your closeness with the host or hostess to know what experience will be the best gift. 


A night in a luxury hotel

Something to treat your friend or family for throwing you the most fantastic baby shower is a night in a luxury hotel. If you’re feeling generous, you can book them a stay somewhere luxurious and relaxing to unwind after all the party planning. 


Food tour

A food tour is a truly memorable and unique experience you can gift to your baby shower hostess. Check the available ones in your area and have your family or friend experience a gastronomic adventure. 

For example, Avital Tours offers food tours in NYC with four courses that last for three hours. You can gift any amount, so your hostess can choose their neighborhood. 


Masterclass membership 

Give the gift of learning with online classes by considering a Masterclass membership gift for your baby shower hostess. They might be interested in specific classes, or you know they’d enjoy learning from their favorite chef or writer. 


Sentimental Gifts For The Baby Shower Host That Feel Special

You can also make the hostess gift yourself for something more sentimental. These are easy crafts, or you can consider a personalized gift with the baby hostess’ name. 


Dessert gift box

If you enjoy baking and making desserts, you can make a dessert box with treats you know your hostess will love. You can also get creative with the desserts to make them feel more special. 

For example, decorate the cupcakes in your hostess’s favorite colors and frosting. You can also find a selection of artisanal chocolates if she loves chocolates.


Handmade jewelry

Another sentimental hostess gift idea you can make yourself is jewelry. It can be made from her birthstones or beads in her favorite color.

You can also get a pendant or bracelet engraved with her name or favorite quotes. Photo engraving in pendants is even surprisingly affordable. 


Personalized coffee tumbler

Almost everyone uses a coffee tumbler, making it a good baby shower gift idea for your party hostess. Get it with her favorite character, color, or design. 

The best idea would be personalizing the tumbler or a coffee cup sleeve. And, of course, include your favorite tea bags and ground coffee in the gift box for a more well-thought-out gift. 

Regarding personalized and handmade gifts, guests should consider sentimental gift ideas for the baby shower. Here’s a guide on how to make cute baby shower gifts, for example. 


Affordable Hostess Gift Ideas To Thank Her For The Party

You don’t need to spend a hefty amount to show appreciation to the baby shower hostess. These gifts are inexpensive but will still be helpful to anyone receiving them. 



A unique but inexpensive baby shower hostess gift you can give to show your appreciation is a succulent. It’s easy to take care of, cute, and would make fantastic memorabilia from the baby shower.

You can also add a handwritten card on its container to thank the hostess. Then, decorate it with ribbons and stones to make it more personalized. 


Monogrammed towel or robe

Personalized towels and robes are cute gifts for your baby shower hostess. You can also learn to monogram them to put her name or initials.

Compare different techniques to make your gift custom robe or towel more memorable. For example, you can use appliques and beads or paint the hostess’ name.  


Favorite book or DVD

If you know your baby shower hostess’ favorite book or DVD, it would be a fantastic surprise gift idea to thank her for the party. Perhaps it’s a beloved childhood book growing up, a DVD of her favorite movie, or a CD of her favorite band. 


How Do I Choose A Baby Shower Hostess Gift?

Still can’t decide what baby shower gift to give to your hostess? Maybe these considerations can help:

  • Determine the budget you can spend for the baby shower hostess gift
  • Think of the hostess personally to get inspiration on the things and products she’ll enjoy or use 
  • Ask the hostess’ closest family or friend if she has something that she’s been wanting
  • Consider unique gifts like experiences over random objects
  • Make your gift for your hostess more special by doing it or personalizing it 


What Makes A Meaningful Baby Shower Hostess Gift?

A meaningful gift to give your baby shower hostess or host should be something that you know she loves or will have a use for. For example, if you know she loves sweets, she’ll be happy to receive a box of delectable chocolates or pastries. 

You can also pick something meaningful for a gift card or experiences, like a gift card for her favorite restaurant or online lessons about writing if she’s a writer. And finally, it’s not about the cost of the gift. 

It’s even more meaningful to make the gift yourself. Or if it’s impossible to handmake, then get it personalized with the hostess’ name or initial. 


Is A Gift Necessary For The Hostess Of My Baby Shower?

It’s only fitting to get your baby shower hostess a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you show appreciation for everything she did for the baby shower. 

But of course, pick a gift that she can use or something personal to make her feel more special. Gift cards will also be fantastic since she can buy whatever items she needs. 

And, of course, include a short thank you card with your gift. You can hand it to her after the party when everyone leaves. 


How Do You Thank Someone For Hosting A Baby Shower?

You can always give your baby shower host or hostess a gift to thank them for throwing you the party. A thank you card and personally thanking them would also be great. 

In some baby showers, there is a portion where the guests of honor can thank everyone for coming. You can use this as an opportunity to thank your baby shower hostess for the party. 

And someday, you can also throw them their baby shower, although this isn’t obligatory. 



And that’s it! We hope these baby shower hostess gifts help you find the best one to give to your baby shower hostess to thank her for the party. 

You can make her a gift basket, give them a gift card from her favorite store, consider experience gifts, or pick a sentimental gift. But ultimately, take the time to thank her in person and say how much you appreciate the baby shower.