13 Baby Shower Gifts That Expecting Parents Will Love

Here are the most unique, affordable, and practical baby shower gifts for expecting parents, including specific things for the baby girl, baby boy, or even the second baby if it’s a sprinkle baby shower. We’ve also included personalized gift ideas and things that will be loved by the parent who seems to have everything. 

And after the list, we’ve touched on the etiquette that everyone should remember when giving something for the baby shower. More than knowing the essentials and baby products, you can check these items that are usually forgotten for baby shower gifts. 

baby shower gifts


13 Best Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts And Etiquette Guide For Guests 


Baby shower gifts for new moms that she’ll actually use

If you want to give something to the new mom, consider any of these items for the baby shower. These are things that any new parent we’ll actually use when preparing or when they’re with their newborn. 

  • Stroller organizer: to keep all the baby products and things in order when she’s out and about
  • Nipple butter: baby shower guests usually forget about nursing essentials like the soothing balm that the new mom will surely thank you for after a few days of breastfeeding and pumping
  • Cozy loungewear: gift the new mom a soft and silky pajama set for comfortable sleep and recovery after birth
  • Pregnancy pillow: this maternity essential can still be useful after birth to relieve mom’s soreness


Baby shower gifts for expecting parents 

Preparing and someday taking care of a newborn can be daunting. And a great way to show your love and support to the expecting parents is to give them something that will help them raise their baby. 

  • Swaddle blanket: something practical the new parents can use when bringing their newborn home
  • Diapers: you can never go wrong with different sizes of diapers as baby shower gifts
  • Stroller: a generous gift idea to get new parents started with their baby essentials
  • Pre-packed hospital bag: a bag with essentials for labor and delivery


Baby shower gifts for the first baby

If this is the family’s first child, you can help them get started with the newborn’s essentials. Think of gifts that they can use for their second child as well. 

  • Baby-proofing essentials: often forgotten in baby shower gifts, the parents will surely appreciate seeing baby-proofing essentials like safety latches and outlet covers 
  • Crib mattress: familiarize yourself with the sleeping baby safety considerations if this will be your baby shower gift
  • Car seat: help the family with starting their baby essentials by giving car baby items like the car seat
  • Diaper pail: more than a diaper stash, new parents should always have a diaper pail at their changing station


Baby shower gifts for new parents who have everything

Perhaps the family is wealthy, and you’ve seen that they have all their newborn essentials ready. Try these baby shower gifts to wow them with things they might not think of getting for their little one:

  • Food delivery certificate: a unique gift idea once they get busy with their newborn
  • White noise machine: something to encourage the family’s good sleep
  • Baby sling: when traveling with many kids, it’s always helpful to have a sling for the baby 
  • Subscription box: mom and dad will surely appreciate receiving a box of goodies with a busy house

You can also read this list of baby shower gifts for the mom who has everything


Baby shower gifts for parents who already have kids

If the parents already have babies beforehand or you’re attending a sprinkle baby shower, here are some items that experienced parents will surely appreciate:

  • Storage boxes: many kids means more items to organize at home
  • Family photoshoot session: surprise the family with a photoshoot session with everyone
  • Baby laundry detergent: because washing baby items should be done with safe products for the skin
  • Handprint and footprint-making kit: something sentimental for the whole family to enjoy


Gifts to bring to a girl baby shower

If you’re attending a baby shower for a baby girl, consider cute colors for the items you’ll buy. You can also check the baby registry to be sure. 

  • Baby bottles and accessories: use the baby shower theme as inspiration for the designs and colors of the products to buy
  • Wearable blanket: something cozy for the little princess, and it’s likely to be available in cute pastel colors as well
  • Themed rattles: toys that are entertaining and would aid in the baby’s development; it should be easy to find a design or color suitable for the baby girl 
  • Cute night light: something to soothe your baby girl at the nursery; brands even come up with baby night lights, which are specifically designed for babies 


Gifts to bring to a boy baby shower

You can always consider baby products and essentials for baby shower gifts, regardless of the baby’s gender. But for the baby boy, the little man might appreciate these things:

  • Bandana bibs: stylish and practical newborn essentials that you can pick in different colors and prints for the baby boy
  • Baby gym: interactive toys for the little man’s baby nursery; you can ask the parents if they have a theme for the nursery as well
  • Baby books: you can consider themes like space or dinosaurs that baby boys have always loved
  • Baby play mat: creates a safe area for the little boy to play with


Most forgotten baby shower gifts

The expecting parents will surely appreciate baby shower gifts usually forgotten by guests or them when listing newborn essentials. These are items that any newborn parent must have in their house: 

  • Changing mat: parents usually get different diaper sizes but never a changing mat they can bring on travels
  • Diaper disposal bags: another diaper-related baby shower gift, but usually forgotten even though parents likely need it on the go
  • Baby monitor wall mount: baby shower gifts usually include nursery essentials but never something practical to hold the baby monitor safely 
  • Baby eating utensils: new parents might forget to include eating essentials like sippy cups in their registry


Unique baby shower gifts no one thinks of

You can never go wrong with unique baby shower gifts that are unexpected by the newborn’s parents. And while these things are unique, they are still needed in a house with a baby. 

  • Non-contact thermometer: monitor your baby’s temperature comfortably and easily
  • Training toothbrush: a baby essential once they start teething
  • Nursing bras: the new mom can always use nursing bras for comfort and convenience during breastfeeding
  • Monthly milestone blanket: a useful baby item that can also be a prop for photoshoots

And speaking of uniqueness, why not make the gift so it’s surely one-of-a-kind? Here’s how to make cute baby shower gifts to get started. 


Personalized baby shower gifts

You can always give personalized baby shower gifts as a more sentimental way of showing your support to the new parents. You can customize the items yourself, but nowadays, many affordable companies will personalize things for a reasonable price. 

  • Personalized baby onesie: you can put a unique print or quote to get a good laugh from the new mom or dad
  • Name train or block toys: personalized baby toys or displays for the nursery
  • Matching robes for mom and dad: something to lounge on while caring for their baby at home
  • Handmade nursery art: it can be a mural or something creative and educational 


Practical baby shower gifts

If this is their first child, the parents will surely appreciate time-saving items and things that will make taking care of the newborn easy and convenient. These essentials might even be forgotten in the baby registry:

  • Stroller phone holder: a literal helping hand for the parent when they’re out and about with their little one
  • Bottle and food warmer: keeps things safe for the little one and saves time for the parent when preparing baby items
  • Car back seat mirror: gives the driving parent a view of their child at the back safely
  • Baby toiletries: a gift basket of baby skin-friendly shampoos and lotion

And, of course, nothing beats a diaper stash for the most practical baby shower gift. But to make them more memorable for the baby shower, please read how to make baby shower gifts made from diapers


Thoughtful baby shower gifts

Here are some baby shower gifts that will make the baby and their parents feel more appreciated and considered. More than the usual baby products and essentials, these are touching things you can give as gifts at the baby shower:

  • Nursing cover: something the mom can use after pregnancy
  • Letters To My Baby: a journal that the child can someday read about their parents’ journey while raising them 
  • Baby food cooking book: Help the new parents get started with recipe ideas for their little one
  • Travel crib: a practical gift for parents who love traveling


Inexpensive baby shower gift ideas under $20

Your gift to the new mom or dad doesn’t have to be expensive and luxurious. Consider these items that you can even make yourself or purchase at a low price while still being useful for the family later on: 

  • Baby planner and journal: includes a medical log, journal, and even guidebook for the parents and their newborn
  • Diaper rash cream: among the most essential baby products to soothe the little one’s skin 
  • Pacifiers: the new parents can never have too many for their baby 
  • Bucket bib: something affordable for the messy eater


What Is The Best Gift For A Baby Shower?

The best gift for the baby shower would be something at the baby registry. The registry lists all the essentials, products, toys, and items the couple thought they would need for their newborn. 

You can also consider gift certificates, baskets, or even monetary gifts. These gifts are non-specific and allow the new parents freedom on what they’ll buy for their baby. 


Do You Buy Gifts At A Baby Shower?

It’s expected for guests to give gifts at a baby shower. After all, the event was traditionally meant to shower the mom and her baby with gifts. 

You can always check the baby registry for ideas or ask other attendees about their gifts. You can never go wrong with diapers and baby essentials as gifts when in doubt. 


How Much Do Most People Spend On A Baby Shower Gift?

Your closeness to the parents and role in the baby (e.g., godparent, aunt, or grandparent) will help you decide how much to spend on the baby shower gift. It can start at $50, but going higher or lower is also acceptable. 

Here’s the etiquette on how much to spend on baby shower gifts to help you decide. If your budget is limited, you can even consider DIY baby shower gifts, which cost less than buying items from stores. 


Is It Okay To Give A Gift Card For A Baby Shower?

Giving a gift card as your baby shower gift is perfectly okay. Make sure it’s from a store where the parents will likely shop for their baby products and essentials. 

Some favorites among new moms and dads include Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Another consideration is a subscription gift to help the new parents with groceries and services in their busy household. 


Should You Wrap Baby Shower Gifts?

Part of the excitement of receiving gifts is unwrapping and trying to guess the item inside. Baby showers sometimes even have a gift-opening event, so it’s only fitting to wrap your present. 

With our separate tutorial, you can quickly learn how to wrap baby shower gifts no matter the size and shape. Some baby items like diapers and onesies are even decorated and presented as cakes or flowers at the baby shower instead of wrapping them in boxes. 



And that’s it! You just learned a list of the best baby shower gifts that are unique, affordable, practical, thoughtful, and usually forgotten by guests. 

New moms, parents who have everything, or families that already have kids will surely appreciate these gifts. But ultimately, we recommend checking the baby registry as they are the items the parents-to-be have already thought they’ll need for their little one. 

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