All The Best Baby Shower Cake Themes And Flavors To Try

Do you want a unique baby shower cake theme and flavor for your party? Try these ideas for different kinds of baby showers, whether you’re looking for a cake for a baby boy, baby girl, gender-neutral, or co-ed baby shower. 

The party’s focal point is the baby shower cake, but it shouldn’t just be cute and creative. You will also know the best flavors for cakes to serve that will surely wow your guests and make your baby shower memorable. 

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Cute And Creative Baby Shower Cake Ideas And Flavors That Guests Will Surely Remember


Baby shower cakes for a baby boy

If you have a baby boy baby shower, the most popular theme for the baby shower cake is blue. Then, you can get creative with the decorations, depending on the details at the venue. 

For example, the blue baby shower cake for the baby boy can be inspired by sea world, outer space, or even robots. And if you want more unique and creative ideas that fit well with the blue cake, here are other themes to consider for cakes perfect for celebrating baby boys: 

  • Blue Sneakers baby shower cake with edible shoes: a creative baby shower cake for the future sneakerhead
  • Dreamy Blue baby shower cake with stars, moons, and clouds as decorations: an easy theme to do if you’re making the baby shower cake yourself
  • Blue and gray Elephant-Themed baby shower cake with a cute elephant topper: a cute but unique theme for the baby boy baby shower
  • Blue fondant Nautical baby shower cake with anchors, lifebuoys, and sails as decorations: the perfect focal point at a beach baby shower for the little man
  • Blue, black, and white Little Gentleman baby shower cake theme with a mustache, suspenders, and bowtie fondant decorations: perfect for a modern baby boy baby shower 


Baby shower cakes for a baby girl

A classic baby shower cake for the baby girl is the pink theme. It can be a simple tiered cake with pink baby items like baby bottles, and onesies and decorations like bows and flowers. 

You can also have a pastel-themed baby shower cake with light pink, purple, and yellow frosting for the baby girl baby shower. But if you want other pink baby shower cake theme ideas for the little princess that stands out from ordinary baby shower cakes, try these decorations: 

  • Candyland pink baby shower cake: incorporate other delicious and cute colors with this sweet and magical theme for the baby girl baby shower cake
  • Buttercream Unicorn baby shower cake: if you don’t want pink to be the star of the cake and want shimmery colors for the baby girl baby shower theme, this is the perfect centerpiece
  • Fondant Mermaid baby shower cake: all little girls have dreamed of becoming a mermaid, so why not have a baby shower cake with a mermaid tail topper and sea creature fondant decorations?
  • Springtime baby shower cake with edible flowers: the perfect baby shower focal point for the little princess’ garden party
  • Bunny-themed baby shower cake with a cute bunny cake topper and creative fondant details: your cake topper can be a soft bunny plush that the little girl can someday play with


Baby shower cakes for a gender-neutral baby shower

Some baby showers also double as the gender-reveal party, or perhaps the expecting parents choose not to know their baby’s gender. And for this occasion, you can get as creative as possible with the baby shower cake as long as it follows the baby shower theme. 

You don’t have to avoid pink or blue cakes, but a gender-neutral baby shower is perfect for trying out-of-the-box cake themes. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Gold and Black fondant baby shower cake: a modern baby shower theme for the sophisticated parents
  • Nursery Rhyme buttercream baby shower cake with edible toppers inspired by famous nursery rhymes: a creative theme is to use different nursery rhyme decorations for each cake tier
  • Superhero baby shower cake: you can use popular male and female heroes as the cake topper
  • Rockstar fondant baby shower cake: the best theme for the future superstar, and you can even make musical instruments from sugar as cake decorations
  • Question Mark buttercream cake: use blue and pink baby items as cake decorations and talk with the baker to reveal the pink or blue color inside the cake slice for the gender-reveal party


Baby shower cakes for a co-ed baby shower

Nowadays, baby showers are no longer exclusive to only women. You should honor both the expecting parents, so your baby shower cake should also suit the co-ed party. 

The theme ideas for co-ed baby showers can include classic color schemes, baby decorations, or simple cakes with flowers and balloons. But since it’s a co-ed baby shower, why not try any of these creative cakes as your venue centerpiece:

  • Dress and Suits fondant baby shower cake: get creative with edible decorations that look like dresses and suits
  • Bucket of Beer and Champagne baby shower cake: you can study tutorials or ask your baker to design an edible bucket with bottles for the party
  • Camping-themed fondant cake: the perfect baby shower focal point for mom and dad who loves the outdoors
  • Baby Book-themed cake: ask the expecting parents about their favorite childhood book and use decorations inspired by the characters
  • Chef-themed fondant baby shower cake: if mom and dad are known as fantastic cooks, surprise them with a chef-themed baby shower cake


What Flavor Should A Baby Shower Cake Be?

Besides having a baby shower cake that looks good at the party, it should also taste good that guests will continue talking about it after the baby shower. Here are the best flavor ideas that easily fit different baby shower cake themes.


Vanilla baby shower cake

An all-time favorite flavor for baby shower cakes is vanilla cake, which is also easy to make at home. It goes well with different frostings and would be easy to decorate for gender-neutral themes. You can also color the cake for a gender-reveal party at the baby shower. 


Buttercream baby shower cake

Another baby shower cake that is easy to color, decorate, and customize is the buttercream cake. You can showcase your creativity with different piping techniques and write something funny at the baby shower cake. 

Rich chocolate baby shower cake

You can serve a decadent chocolate baby shower cake for rustic baby showers and themes like woodland or cowboy. No one will be able to resist this indulgent treat that’s also a feast for the eyes. 


Rose baby shower cake

A delicious and unique baby shower cake flavor for a baby girl shower is rose. It pairs well with other flavors like oranges, lemons, and nuts. 


Lemon blueberry baby shower cake

For the blue baby shower cake for baby boys, a cake flavor you should try if you don’t want a classic buttercream cake is lemon and blueberry cake. Each slice is simply a work of art. 


Carrot cream cheese baby shower cake

Do you have a co-ed baby shower? Both male and female guests will surely not mind indulging in a carrot cream cheesecake slice. 


Butterscotch baby shower cake

A tea party baby shower calls for a cake flavor that pairs well with tea. Try a butterscotch cake that even people who don’t like sweet desserts will want a slice of with their tea. 


Ganache and custard baby shower cake

If you have a picnic baby shower, why not go with a guilty pleasure cake that guests will have a hard time saying no to? Make your picnic table the star with a ganache and custard cake. 

If you love baking and decorating cakes, why not read how to make a baby shower cake? You can always get creative with the decorations and experiment with flavor combinations the guests and expecting parents will love. 


What Kind Of Cakes Do You Have For A Baby Shower?


Fondant cakes

You can bake any firm cake recipe and then cover and decorate it with fondant for the baby shower. This baby shower cake is a classic because it’s easy to make fondant decorations, especially for specific themes. 


Buttercream cakes

Whether you want to color the buttercream pink or blue, this famous baby shower cake allows your creativity to flow. The only drawback is buttercream can melt quickly if the baby shower venue is hot. 


Naked cakes

The naked cake is a modern and sophisticated baby shower cake to wow your guests. It is frosted in a way that still shows the cake underneath, and it’s not meant to be overfilled with decorations. 


Pound cakes

Some people don’t like very indulgent cake flavors, which is why pound cakes are also famous for baby showers. What’s fantastic is they pair well with tea for the tea party-style baby shower. 



You don’t need to serve a typical tiered cake at the baby shower. Your dessert table can also feature a classic cheesecake as its main star. 


What Should It Say On A Baby Shower Cake?

Besides knowing the theme, decorations, flavors, and type of baby shower cake, it’s the party’s focal point, so you should also know what to write on it. You don’t want a lengthy-phrase that would be hard to read, but it should be creative and somewhat sweet.

Here are some ideas:

  • It’s A Boy! What A Joy!
  • Here Comes The Little Princess
  • 1 + 1 And A Baby Makes 3
  • 50% Mom 50% Dad
  • A Star Is Born
  • There’s A Bun In The Oven
  • Cute As A Button
  • Oh Baby!
  • Can’t Wait To Meet You
  • Little Angel
  • Congratulations [Mom and Dad’s names]!

For more baby shower cake writing ideas, we’ve written a guide on what to write on a baby shower cake.


What Is The Expected Number Of Servings Of The Baby Shower Cake?

If you ordered a 10-inch cake for the baby shower, it could serve up to 25 guests if you measure each slice equally. A slice can be about the width of a teaspoon to ensure that most guests will be served. 

However, some baby shower cakes that are tiered and oversize because they’re also decorative can serve up to 100 guests. Each layer measures 12, 10, and 8 inches, respectively, so be mindful of the cake you’ll buy for the shower so you don’t end up with excess and wasted cake. 

A baby shower usually has under 30 guests only, so an 8 to 10-inch cake should suffice. You might also have something smaller or fake cake tiers if you serve other desserts at the baby shower. 


What Is The Budget For The Baby Shower Cake?

Spending $50 and up should be reasonable for the baby shower cake if you want to serve your guests a delicious flavor besides having decorations specific to the party theme. You can always cut costs by buying a smaller cake, then serving the guests other desserts.

After all, not all guests will want a slice, so it’s impractical to spend too much on the baby shower cake. You can also have other decorations as the focal point instead of a pricey-tiered cake. 


How Do You Decorate A Baby Shower Cake?

There are many ways to decorate a baby shower cake based on the party theme and color scheme. Here are some ideas: 

  • Use candies and other sweet treats
  • Play with different piping tips
  • Mix different colors of frosting
  • Use fruits, nuts, and flowers
  • Make edible cake toppers from fondant
  • Cover the cake with fondant
  • Decorate the cake as a naked cake

If you have a specific theme and don’t know where to buy the cake topper, try this list of where to buy baby shower cake toppers


Is There Supposed To Be Cake At A Baby Shower?

Having a baby shower cake is not mandatory, but it makes an eye-catching centerpiece at the baby shower dessert table. However, you can make non-edible cake decorations made from rolled diapers or onesies and then serve the guests other desserts. 

Read how to make baby shower diaper cakes for ideas.


What Can I Serve Instead Of Baby Shower Cake?

Here are some alternatives to cakes for the baby shower:

  • Cupcakes; here’s a fun recipe on how to make baby shower cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Candies
  • Brownies and blondies
  • Sundaes
  • Cake pops
  • Cream puffs
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Donuts
  • Pretzels
  • Pies
  • Jellies
  • Cheesecakes
  • Jar desserts



Was this list helpful? You learned the most creative and out-of-the-box baby shower cake theme and flavor ideas for different baby showers. 

You can spend around $50 for the baby shower cake, and it’s up to you if you serve each guest a slice. An 8 to 10-inch cake should serve all the baby shower guests, but you can always offer other dessert options at the party. 

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