At What Age Should A Child Give Up A Security Blanket

If you’re curious at what age should a child give up a security blanket, it will vary for every kid. It can happen at two to three years of age. However, remember that there’s a proper way to teach children how to be separated from the security blanket. 

Let us remember first what is a security blanket. It’s an object that soothes and comforts a child, which leads to attachment. Therefore, should we even take our children’s security blanket?

At What Age Should A Child Give Up A Security Blanket


When Should A Child Give Up A Comfort Blanket?

Comfort or security blankets offer different advantages for children. However, anything can cause issues when used excessively. It would be helpful to know when your child must give up a comfort blanket. 

If you want to know a specific age range, it can be from the second or third year of age. Even so, each child is different, so some might be willing to stop taking the security blanket earlier or much later than this age. We will talk about the best way to wean your child from the blanket later on. 


Why do children love their security blankets?

According to a 2007 study, children’s attachment to a blanket root from the idea that the object has a unique essence. This is why it’s also normal to introduce kids to security blankets because having such comfort object fosters independence and motivates children to try new things. The security blanket is a constant source of safety and relief for a child who experiences different changes.


Should You Take Away A Security Blanket?


You can take away a security blanket but observe your child

Your child will eventually outgrow his/her security blanket, so there is no need to set a definite schedule on when to take it. However, you know your child better than anyone, that you will see any habits that seem unhealthy. Children should understand when the blanket is appropriate and develop the skill to comfort themselves without depending on an object. 


A security blanket should not encourage dependence

In some cases, children get very attached to their blankets to cause tantrums and other issues once the object is taken, lost, damaged, or soiled. Obviously, this can be stressful to a parent and may lead to more parenting challenges. Below are some tips on how to wean children from their security blanket and ease them to give it up. 


How Do You Get Rid Of A Child’s Security Blanket?


1. Get rid of the blanket during a stress-free time and let other people know

The best time to wean a child from his/her security blanket is during a period where nothing new is happening. There shouldn’t be any significant changes that can stress your child, which can make them feel overwhelmed without a comfort object. You also want to talk about the other people in your child’s life about this transition, so your little one won’t be confused with the upcoming limitations and responsibilities to follow. 


2. Create a routine to foster independence 

Consistency is one of the most influential factors when helping a child give up a security blanket. For example, you want to reward your child each time he/she is away from the blanket or when he/she is willing to return it upon request. You don’t immediately have to take away the blanket, but you can start a routine where the blanket is only available when needed. 


What Does It Mean When A Child Is Attached To A Blanket?

Even though ages two to three are the typical periods where children are ready to give up a security blanket, you don’t have to take away the blanket on your child’s two or three-year birthday. The main idea of weaning from a comfort object is to make it less available and help the child understand when it’s appropriate. 


Essence, transition, safety, and consistency

This method works because a child is attached to a blanket for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, a study shows that they think the blanket has an essence, similar to how adults view memorabilia. The blanket also helps the child transition through new things, and it symbolizes safety and consistency. 


What Age Can You Use A Comfort Blanket?

Parents typically introduce a blanket to their child as early as three months. But shouldn’t you only leave baby blankets in the sleeping area when a child is more than 12 months? You can place the blanket on your shoulder each time you’re nursing or cuddling your baby.

This way, they can connect a soothing emotion to the blanket until they are old enough to sleep with it. However, adults can still have a security blanket, and it is perfectly normal! Research has shown that attachment even to inanimate objects is part of being human. 



There is also a time when you must wean off your child from a security blanket. Did you learn at what age should a child give up a security blanket? To conclude, you can encourage a child to give up a security blanket when he/she is two to three years old. 

However, you must do it correctly and keep in mind that every child is different. If you have any more questions, please leave them below, and let us know how your child’s transition is going!