AO Smith Water Heater How To Light Pilot? 3 Amazing Tips!

Are you wondering AO Smith water heater how to light pilot? Don’t get wonder, and you have arrived at the right place. Remove the access panel from the A.O.’s front.

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the space to air out, and after turning the gas knobs on the front of a water heater towards the “Off” setting, adjust the “Pilot” setting just on the gas tuning knob.

AO Smith water heater how to light pilot

The A.O. Smith hot water system’s pilot light may go out sometimes due to a service disruption or equipment maintenance. This Conservation group type of A.O. Smith heating system has a contemporary constructed capacitive ignition source mechanism to allow users to ignite the pilot by simply pressing the ignition control. This is just a tiny preview, and you should keep reading to discover more.


Tips To Light Pilot On AO Smith Water Heater

Lightning, the pilot on the AO Smith heater, is very simple. But we mentioned some tips for your easiness to learn AO Smith water heater how to light pilot.


#1. Take off the panel

Remove the access panel from the bottom of the A.O. Smith hot water system by hand. Remove the board from the path, take a screw lever, and loosen the bolts fixed on the panel to get access.


#2. Turn off the gas

Wait 10 to 15 minutes for space to air out within, turning the gasoline knobs on the front of the hot water system to an “Off” setting. Adjust the “Pilot” setting on the gas selector knob. To allow gas to flow to the burner unit, depress its red pilot set button.


#3. Light the pilot

Press and hold the ignitor button simultaneously, pressing the red set button till the pilot light illuminates. You may have to click the ignitor switch a few times before the pilot lights up. Just after the pilot is lighted, keep its red set push-button for around a moment before gently releasing it. To switch on the gasoline, turn the dial to “On.” Reattach the access panel to the water heater’s side.


What Is Pilot Mean On AO Smith Water Heater?

Whenever the pilot light on a hot water system turns out, this typically implies that now the fire was quenched due to a natural shift in compressed gas. It’ll be reached through two tiny gas tubes. You’ll like to keep an eye on it while you’re working. Set the gas knob to “Pilot,” then keep it there. It will allow you to light the fire by allowing the fuel to escape.


How To Tell If Pilot Light Is Off?

A pilot gas line seems to be a short metal tube beneath the burner component with a bit of upswing just at the end that distinguishes it. The little blue flame glowing at the tip would indicate if indeed the pilot is ignited. A pilot light is already out if there isn’t a slight blue flame burning.


Reasons Of Pilot Light Constantly Going Out

Because of a problem with the heater’s thermocouple or exposure to flammable airflow, the water heater’s pilot light is constantly going off. Whenever the pilot light is blazing, the thermocouple detects it. A thermocouple’s point is placed over the pilot fire and generates a charge that keeps the gas faucet open. A thermocouple would shut off the gas supply to the heaters if it detects that the pilot light on the water heater continues going off.

Thermocouples may eventually break down, develop dirt, or become twisted far from the pilot light’s flame. Its thermocouple would fail to detect a pilot light or shut off the gas supply in any circumstance. Some other cause the pilot light on the gasoline hot water system won’t remain lit is a lack of explosive air. The pilot light on a hot water system needs air to stay lit. Eventually, the flame will be extinguished. To make up the bulk of the explosive atmosphere, ensure the water heater is not accompanied by debris, dust, or garbage. Maintain as much cleanliness as feasible in the surrounding area.


How To Maintain The AO Smith Water Heater?

Keeping the Ao Smith hot water system in good working order may be possible if you would not want to repair it. When you suffer AO Smith desirable water system difficulties, you may require maintenance. Cleaning an AO Smith portable heating system or holding tank heaters can help save money by extending their life. Variable water temps are one of the earliest symptoms of an issue. This AO Smith rapid heater is a good illustration of this. 

This hot water system will heat the water quickly, but it may need to be repaired or serviced if it takes a long time or doesn’t heat all of it. Like the AO Smith geyser, the plumbing would inspect the water heater’s elements. Whichever the situation may be, keep the following suggestions in mind to assist you in preserving funds. Click on this link to know the downside of a tankless water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to know that you have learned AO Smith water heater how to light pilot. This process is straightforward, and if you think your pilot light is not working correctly, you need to fix it to enjoy the hot water. Click on these links to read related articles; know hot water heater makes noise when heating and how to vent a water heaterThank you, friends, for staying with us.

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