Things to Know About American Freight Furniture

American Freight Furniture is a budget furniture retail chain that is well-known throughout the majority of the United States. They sell straight from manufacturer furniture at a great discount, with a focus on offering ultra-affordable furniture to budget-conscious buyers. 


american freight furniture

The majority of consumers enjoy American Freight’s low costs and same-day delivery on in-stock products. However, with lower-priced goods, several buyers expressed concerns regarding perceived quality and long-term durability.


American Freight Furniture is a prominent inexpensive furniture firm that operates throughout the majority of the United States. They are one of the largest furniture businesses. They have over 170 locations and leverage their substantial purchasing power to deliver direct from the manufacturer things to clients. 


When it comes to customer experiences, most consumers like American Freight’s low costs. They also have satisfied customers reporting obtaining a good deal and a transparent sales experience. Those who had unfavorable encounters highlighted the perceived quality and delivery concerns at times.


American Freight concentrates on low-cost products, with the majority of their hardwood alternatives being veneered and manufactured construction. While these solutions are far less expensive than even other budget rivals, there have been some concerns concerning longevity.


American Freight Furniture‘s Top Picks


Now that we know what American Freight Furniture is offering, let us dive into what customers most likely buy in their store. 

  • Couches & Sectionals


The most popular item among American Freight customers is a new couch or sectional. American Freight offers products with synthetic fiber upholstery and polyfoam. Most clients may discover something within their pricing range, with costs ranging from $298 to $1299. 


Most customers appreciate the choices and report having an easy time discovering what they’re searching for. But, there have been some complaints about durability, with some citing concerns with declining comfort.

  • Mattresses


American Freight also sells mattresses, with a concentration on low-cost alternatives and certain name-brands such as Beautyrest and Sealy. These prices vary from $98 to $1599. While most consumers can discover something that matches their budget, finding the ideal mattress for your body might be difficult. 


Also, consumers found the mattresses comfortable at first, however, there are some complaints concerning sagging and durability. When it comes to mattresses, buying straight online with lengthier trial periods and other bonuses may make sense for individuals searching for long-term comfort.

  • Beds & Bedroom Sets


Beds and bedroom sets are also typical consumer requests. American Freight offers both 3-piece and 5-piece sets in a variety of classic designs. These provide authentic wood treatments and veneers on top of a fabricated wood framework. 


Most consumers find these beds and bedroom sets to be functional. But, there were some concerns about longevity, with some suffering faster deterioration than predicted in some circumstances.

  • Living Room Sets


Customers also frequently request living room sets, which include sofas, coffee tables, and lamps. Others will include a new console cabinet or TV stand. In rare cases, American Freight provides savings on 7-piece living room bundles for less than $1000. 


When it comes to tables, they have designs in a variety of types, including metal and manufactured wood. While the majority of people report having a wonderful time looking for a decent price, some have noticed difficulties with workmanship and comfort.

  • Dining Room Sets


The last most popular item on customers’ thoughts is a new dining room set. American Freight provides both sleek designs for eating nooks as well as bigger groupings of up to 9 pieces. Customers are pleased with the discounts they can find, with even the largest sets costing close to or less than $1000. 


However, there have been some concerns concerning durability and perceived quality. In some cases, some customers suffering more wear than they expected in a short amount of time.


What’s the catch? Why are the prices so low?


They can keep their pricing low because they operate differently than other furniture and appliance businesses. To begin, they receive their items at lower costs straight from manufacturers through closeouts, overruns, and canceled orders. 


Furthermore, to decrease overhead expenses, they exhibit these items in warehouses rather than beautiful showrooms. They combine these savings with the discounts they receive from their direct manufacturers. With this, they can pass on these substantial savings to their clients as a thank you.


Is it possible to get a refund from American Freight?


If you paid in cash or check for your transaction, your refund will be delivered exclusively in the form of a corporate check. It may take up to thirty days to complete and send your order.


If you have paid in full for your layaway and have not received your items within four weeks of the final payment, you are entitled to a full refund.


Can you order American Freight online?


Yes, on its website at you may acquire the products you want for your home. There are currently no alternatives for phone orders. You must visit their local store or order online to make a purchase.




Whether you are moving into a new home, revamping your child’s room that left for college, or even just a simple room makeover, American Freight Furniture is your place to go. They offer high-quality furniture perfect for any room setting. 

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