Air Conditioner Only Works When Driving: 4 Unexpected Reasons!

Have you experienced this situation where your air conditioner only works when driving? There are about four reasons behind this situation, and you’ll discover about them later.

It’s pretty annoying that you want to park somewhere and chill for a minute when all of a sudden it feels hot inside your car.

air conditioner only works when driving

And when you start scanning that warm air, you realized it’s coming from your air conditioner. But it works fine when the car is moving. What’s worse is that you don’t know why this keeps happening, and you don’t know how to fix it.

Don’t be concerned; this article will assist you.

So, stay tuned!


Reasons Why Air Conditioner Only Works When You’re Driving

This malfunction can be fixed by a professional. Or it could just be a minor defect that you can mend yourself. However, you wouldn’t know where to start repairing or what equipment you will need if you don’t know what’s causing it.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent explanations that could explain why your air conditioner only works when driving.

And here they are:


Reason #1. Your engine is overheating

When our engine is old, it starts to get defective and more fragile. Additionally, if it’s exposed to the heat for too long without operating, it could affect other components of your car.

Your air conditioner will work well if the engine temperature is between 195 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered the ideal temperature for your car engine.

However, if it rises, especially when your engine is resting under the sun, then it would cause your AC to release warm air. To fix this, you could bring your car to the repair company and let them examine your engine.


Reason #2. Low in Freon

There might be a leak in the cables or refrigerant coils that causes the Freon to decrease in quantity. With this, your AC won’t cool properly. Because of the quantity, the substance won’t be able to reach the condenser on its own. So, its only opportunity is when your car moves.

The cables will need the power from the engine to deliver and pump the Freon to its destination. To fix it, you’ll need to refill your air conditioner with Freon.

But you should let a professional do the procedure since it could result in combustion and property damage if something goes wrong.


Reason #3. Defective or clogged car parts

Damaged car parts would include those that are not attached well and those that have holes and dents.

Car components that are clogged might prevent substances from traveling, disrupting the function of the entire system.


Part #1. Fan

Whenever your car is in motion, it already receives enough air from the environment that cools the refrigerant. However, when your car is at rest, your fan is responsible for cooling the refrigerant once it reaches the condenser.

So, how do you think things will turn out if it’s defective and your car is not in motion? As a result, heated air will be ejected from the air conditioner.

Your fan might become defective due to fuses and wires that are faulty, loose blades, a motor that isn’t working, and inaccurate temperature sensor readings.


Part #2. Compressor

Let’s imagine a heart that pumps blood to all parts of your body. If it’s not functioning well, other sectors will not receive the nutrients and oxygen they need.

One of the organs that are in charge of your body is your heart. Similarly, your compressor is the most responsible for your refrigerant. It functions to pump the Freon from the evaporator to the condenser.

And it ensures that the conversion of this liquid to gas or vice versa is done perfectly. So, no cool air would reach you if the compressor is damaged. We suggest that you purchase a new and reliable one.


Part #3. Condenser

Dust particles and debris might clog your condenser coils. It will prevent the air or refrigerant from passing through. Therefore, there won’t be sufficient air to release in your AC.

The airflow is also reduced, and there won’t be enough outdoor air to cool your refrigerant. You can fix this by cleaning the coils and removing all debris. Then, use a fin comb to straighten the fins that were deformed.


Reason #4. Your car’s windows and doors are open

You wouldn’t be able to feel the coolness of your air conditioner if it mixes with the outdoor air. And it would be a waste of gas since you just let the car components do all the work while letting go of their product.

Among all reasons, this is the easiest one to check and perform. For example, you can directly open your car door and check if it’s not closed correctly.

Or you can adjust your window controls to ensure that they are entirely closed.


It’s A Wrap

And those are the reasons why your air conditioner only works when driving.

If you are not familiar with how to fix it, you always have the option to bring your car to its manufacturer or the repair company.

But the reasons mentioned above could help you and the technician to develop a way to fix it immediately.

We hope you can address this soon!

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