Air Conditioner Only Works When Car Is Moving? 4 Best Reasons!

Have you ever gone inside your car expecting a cool breeze to find out that your car’s air conditioner only works when car is moving?

The truth is you do not have to be an auto mechanic to know what is wrong with your car.

air conditioner only works when car is moving

Today, we will explore the different reasons why an air conditioner does not work when the vehicle is not moving.

And from there, you can ponder what is wrong with your car.

Let us dive into the world of cars and start learning about the several cases of why your AC only functions when the vehicle is moving.


Reasons Why The Air Conditioner Only Functions When Car Is Moving?

Imagine it is around 30 degrees Celsius outside. The air embracing your body makes you feel even warmer.

You went inside your car to cool down. And only to find out that it is even hotter inside and your air conditioner is not working. Your only choice is to turn your car on and move.

Indeed, experiencing this situation in such hot weather feels like having a visit to the warmest corner of hell. However, you can still opt to save yourself from all the trouble and misfortune.

You can do so by finding out the cause of why your air conditioner is acting up and evaluating what solution to do.


Reason #1. Your engine is overheating

When your air conditioner is only functional when your car is running, the possible scenario is that there is something wrong with the car’s engine. Together with several problems, this possibility happens if the engine is not at its optimal temperature.

Although you may not be acquainted with how your engine works, you will still be able to fix this problem.

To evaluate your engine, use analog meters. A gauge must be at the optimal temperature that is no higher than 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the meter ranges between normal or cold, everything is fine. However, you must note that the vehicle must be slightly warm if it falls in a much colder area.

You should remember that things get complicated when the temperature falls higher than 240 degrees Fahrenheit. When this happens, the AC compressor takes the hot air from a radiator and circulates it via the condenser.

This engine overheating and the failing radiator and condenser may result in the damage of the AC. Thus, only when the car is running the air conditioner works.

But you do not have to fret since there is always a way to solve things. First, you must evaluate the source of the problem.

In this instance, several different things led to the event. For example, there may be issues with the radiator, coolant leaks, insufficient engine oil, or a faulty thermostat.


Reason #2. Your car may be experiencing insufficient concentration of freon

Another thing to consider if your air conditioner only works when car is moving is the inadequate concentration of your car’s freon.

When the AC system lacks enough concentration of freon, the AC is unable to cool adequately.

Since the car can also not distribute freon when it is not moving, the AC will not operate unless the vehicle is in motion.

However, there is also hope for this situation. It would help if you increased the concentration of your freon.

You can ask for auto mechanics or other professionals to aid you.


Reason #3. Your air conditioning condenser fan may be faulty

Another possible cause of your broken AC is when your condenser fan is malfunctioning as well. One of the purposes of the fan is to keep the freon at the proper temperature when not in motion. If it is faulty, it can lead to severe problems like the one you are facing.

To fix this, you must evaluate the possible sources that led to the faulty condenser fan.When investigating any electrical issues in your car, the first thing you should look for is malfunctioning wires and relays. It is also essential to evaluate for any blown fuses or if there were any short circuits.

Next, you should also determine if there is any malfunctioning sensor for temperature. Suppose these are not the reason why the fan is faulty. In that case, you should look deeper if any open circuit or motor issues block the motor from functioning well.

Lastly, you should also check for any loose blades of the fan as this situation can also lead to the AC malfunctioning. Suppose you are having trouble evaluating what went wrong in your car. In that case, you can also ask an auto mechanic or other professionals to aid you.


Reason #4. There may have debris in your AC

If the reasons above are not the problem, you should take a few steps back and check if there are any pieces of debris in your AC.

If there is, you must clean the clogged condenser.


Wrapping Up

Owning a car is a significant milestone but taking care of it is another challenge you must complete.

By learning why your air conditioner only works when car is moving, you will keep your car functioning and go to different places.

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See you in the following article.

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