How to Adjust Straps on a Quinny Buzz Stroller: 3 Simple Instructions

Since Quinny Buzz is an amazing stroller, it has a lot of great features that make it easy to use. One feature that many users don’t know about is the strap adjustment on the back of the seat. This post will show you how to adjust straps on a Quinny Buzz and explain why this might be necessary in some cases.


Adjust Straps on a Quinny Buzz Stroller

Steps on How to Adjust Straps on a Quinny Buzz Stroller

Step 1. Locate the straps on the back of the seat, and make sure they are not twisted. You will see a strap on each side. This should be easy to find since it is often covered by your child’s harness for safety reasons

Step 2. Take one end of each strap in hand and pull firmly until both ends have been pulled out from under their respective buckle (this may require you to use two hands)

Step 3. With your other hand, reach behind the front of the seat where there is an additional set of buckles that goes around your passenger’s waist; attached this second set of buckles onto either loose end from before (it does not matter which), then fasten them together with their matching buckle.

NOTE: Before you begin, please make sure that the straps are not too tight.


How to Recline a Quinny Buzz:

The steps below assume that you have already assembled your Quinny Buzz: Step 1. Unbuckle both straps from around your toddler’s waist before attempting to recline them (unless they can do so themselves).

Step 2. Pull up on either end of one strap until it comes out from under its buckle at the front of its seat. Take hold of the second loose end with one hand and then fasten these two ends together with a matching buckle. – Repeat this action with the second strap and its corresponding buckle, which should now be at the back of their seat.

Step 3. Make sure that your toddler’s straps are not too tight before you start to recline them. If they are too loose, then tighten them a little bit by pulling on each end until it is snug but still comfortable for your child!


What to do With a Dirty Pram Cover?

How often you should wash it will depend on how much your child has been out and the type of fabric. – If possible, we recommend washing every two weeks or more depending on usage. This is because dirt can accumulate quickly if they are being used at least once per day!


How to Wash: Fill a tub with cold water, add clothes detergent (make sure that this isn’t too concentrated), stir until dissolved; place in the pram cover and soak for 30 minutes before agitating gently by hand in all directions; rinse thoroughly but not excessively as this may cause shrinkage/fade; use an old toothbrush to get into seams and creases; shake out; drip dry on a clothesline or over the edge of a bathtub with towels underneath.

How to Remove Stains: The best way to remove stains is by using an enzyme cleaning product that breaks up and removes protein-based stains such as milk, blood, fruit juice etc.

This type of cleaner will also sanitise your Quinny Buzz pram cover without you needing to use any harsh chemicals! We recommend washing it at least once every two weeks because dirt accumulates quickly if they are being used daily.

How to Clean Fabric Pram Covers: Rinse fabric covers under running water after each use and wash them in cold water only (warm should be okay too). Add gentle detergent, rinse, and dry on low heat.

How to Clean Plastic Pram Covers: Rinse plastic covers under running water after each use and wash them in the washing machine, preferably on a wool or delicates cycle since they are made of polyethene that is more sensitive than fabric pram covers.

Washing at 30 degrees will also help prolong their life expectancy as it removes any grease stains which can happen due to spills etc. Always hand dry them afterwards so no moisture remains in the creases!

How to Fold Your Quinny Buzz: If you’re folding your Quinny Buzz for storage purposes (it’s best if you have a large cupboard) then please consult our guide below about how to fold a Quinny Buzz.


How to set up a Quinny Buzz Stroller in Just Minutes

Step 1. To assemble the stroller, you will need a Philips head screwdriver and two hands. Start by holding the frame of your Quinny next to an open space so that it is standing on its axle with both wheels touching the ground; then locate three screws from underneath each wheel and remove them using your Phillips head screwdriver (these are for when attaching pedals).

Step 2. Next, turn over the seat or handlebar towards you and loosen but do not completely detach any straps found there. Then take one end of each strap in hand and pull firmly until both ends have been pulled out from under their respective buckle (this may require you to use two hands) before reattaching them to the other buckle.

Step 3. Finally, tighten each strap by pulling on them evenly and then reattach any screws that you removed earlier using your Philips head screwdriver.


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