A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Swivel Bar Stool

One of the best things about owning a home bar is how easy it is to entertain friends and family. One way you can improve your bar setup, however, is by installing a swivel bar stool.

A swivel bar stool not only looks great but also makes it easier for people to get up and down from their seats. In this article, we will show how to build your own swivel bar stool using materials that are readily available at any hardware store.

Swivel Bar Stool

Steps on Making a Swivel Bar Stool

Step 1. First, you will need to find a piece of wood that is about one and a half inches wide. Bring this into the hardware store with you or measure it out on-site so that you know how long your stool should be. You will want to pick up some metal pipe rails as well since these are what hold everything together after the stool is built.

Step 2. The next step in the process is to drill into one of your pieces of wood and put a hole right through it where you want your metal pipe rail to be installed, leaving about an inch on either side for screws that will hold everything together. Repeat this step with all four sides of each piece of wood so that you have eight holes in total.

Step 3. Next, you will need to drill four equally spaced-out indentations into the wood that are about an inch high and deep enough for your pipes to fit snugly inside of them. You can use a piece of string or some other type of measurement device as a guide if needed – just make sure they’re all the same distance from one another!

Step 4. Now, all you need to do is drill a hole in each of your pipes and feed them through their respective indentations on the wood. As long as they’re evenly spaced out, this will give your bar stool strong support for how much weight it needs to withstand – without any unnecessary wobbling or bowing.

Step 5. Finally, all you need to do is screw a bar stool seat into the holes on one side of your piece of wood and attach four rubber feet onto the bottom corners for stability!

Benefits of Making a Swivel Bar Stool

  • Swivel bar stools are a good option because they’re sturdy and not prone to bowing or wobbling. This is an especially important feature if you plan on using them for years – as most people who buy these do!
  • They also come in many different colors which can be easily matched with any type of décor or even a specific clientele.
  • It’s also easy to switch the height of your bar stool, which is how you can make it taller or shorter depending on what type of person will be using them. This makes these types of furniture really flexible and helps you cater to different people with just one order!
  • Often swivel bar stools come with a matching backrest, which provides more stability and comfort for the person sitting in them.
  • They also have arms, which give you extra storage space! You can keep your drink or utensils right at your fingertips without having to worry about storing them on top of the counter.

How to Care for Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel bar stools are really easy to clean which is how they’re able to match any type of décor. You can use just a damp cloth and wipe it down, or you can also add some soap if needed.

Even though swivel bar stool covers are available for purchase, we recommend that you not use them. If you do, the cover will just get dirty and need to be replaced.

You can also put a thin stand under your bar stool if it has been in one location for too long so that dust doesn’t accumulate on the bottom of it as well!

Swivel Bar Stool Designs:

You can find swivel bar stools in a variety of colors, shapes, or heights.

You have the option to buy one that has an upholstered seat if you’re worried about comfort.

They also come with matching chairs which is how they can match any type of décor!

Swivel bar stools are really easy to clean and can be used with any type of flooring.

The metal swivel is how it moves in a circle for you!

You’ll find that they come at an affordable price so there’s no need to break the bank on these!

How to Lubricate Swivel Bar Stool

You’ll need to have a clean rag and some WD40 or another type of lubricant.

Step 1. Your first step is to spray the bar stool with the lubricant by taking your cloth that’s been sprayed with it and wipe up all parts where you want the swivel to go. Be sure not to miss any spots as this will only lead to discomfort.

Step 2. You’ll need to do this a few times and then just let it dry for up to 24 hours before using it again.

Step 3. The final step is to take your cloth that has been sprayed with the lubricant, wipe down all parts of the barstool where you want the swivel to go, and then allow it to dry for 24 hours before using again.

This will ensure that the swivel is well lubricated and can spin freely without any discomfort!

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