4 DIY Project on How to Fix an Okin Recliner Motor

This post will show you how to fix an okin recliner motor. If your motor has stopped working, then this is the guide for you! These are some of the most common issues that people have with their motors and how to solve them.


How to Fix an Okin Recliner Motor

Steps on Fixing an Okin Recliner Motor

Step 1. Once you’ve identified the issue, we’ll show you how to fix it. There’s no need for a service call or expensive repair–you can do it yourself!

Step 2. If your motor is making an unpleasant noise when trying to power up, this is most likely because of the gearbox. You’ll want to take off all of the nuts around the gearbox, then remove them from the motor. To solve this issue, you need to replace both of the gears inside and put everything back together.

Step 3. If your motor will power up but not run when given an input voltage, there is a high chance that one or more brushes are missing on the armature (the spinning part).

To fix this, you’ll want to remove the armature from the motor and then inspect it for any broken or missing parts. You can either buy new brushes at your local hardware store (you will need two) or cut out a piece of wire and bend both ends into one long end with a loop in the middle–this is called a D shaped wire.

You’ll need to use one for each of the brushes on the armature.

Step 4. If your motor will not power up at all, there may be an overload switch or thermal fuse in place to prevent overheating and burning out the electronic’s motor if something goes wrong with the first two steps.

Make sure the overload switch is not engaged and the thermal fuse isn’t blown. If these are both in working order, then you’ll want to take off the bottom panel on your recliner chair so that you can get at the motor under it as well as any other wires or boards that may be loose


What is Okin Recliner?

Okin is a company that designs and manufactures recliner chairs. They’re one of the oldest companies in its industry.

Okin has been around since 1895 when they produced their first chair from wood as an alternative to metal furniture which could be too heavy or uncomfortable for sitting on all day.

Today, you can find several different styles of recliner chairs from Okin. They are all designed to be comfortable and long lasting


How to Deep Clean Okin Recliner Motor

Put on protective gloves and eyewear * Remove the dust cover from the motor * Spray it with a degreasing spray like WD-40 to loosen any dirt, grease, or other grime that may have collected over time.

It’s also important not to use too much of the degreaser to avoid damaging the foam seat.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dirt or dust that may have been loosened from the degreasing spray. Make sure you use an attachment with a long hose for this step to reach tight spaces and difficult corners.

Scrub off any stubborn, caked-on grease using dry cloths such as rags or paper towels.

Spray the foam seat with a water and soap solution or use it to spray any hard surfaces to clean them, then wipe them down with dry cloths.


How does the Reclining Mechanism Work?

#1. The current version of an Okin chair has a foot-driven lever located on one side of it that can be pushed with your feet while you’re sitting in it, so that the back will lie flat.

If you don’t want the chair to recline, simply press on a footrest in front of it and stop leaning back

#2. Okin’s lever is different from other levers because this one pivots at an angle instead of sticking straight up or down when pushed with your feet. This helps keep the lever closer to your body as you recline, so you don’t need to stretch your arm all the way up to push it

#3. The Okin lever does not require any electrical parts or power source; this means that there is no motor on the unit and it’s completely manual. It also makes them a good option for homes with limited space since they are smaller than other recliners.

#4. The Okin lever also features a one-piece, solid wood base that is wider than other recliners. This creates extra stability and ensures the chair stays in position while you’re sitting on it.


How to Prevent Wear and Tear on Okin Recliner Motor

When the lever doesn’t click and return to its original position, it may be time for a replacement. If you notice any bare metal on the base of your unit or if one part is higher than another when reclining, this might indicate that there’s an issue with the motor as well

* Okin also recommends replacing levers every six to twelve months.

The Okin lever also features a one-piece, solid wood base that is wider than other recliners. This creates extra stability and ensures the chair stays in position while you’re sitting on it.

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