3 Simple Ways on How to Change the Bearings on a Recliner

This article will show how to change the bearings on a recliner. This is an essential task for any homeowner because it can lead to more serious problems if this isn’t done periodically.


Steps Changing the Bearings on a Recliner

Step 1. Before we start, you will need to locate the screws that are holding your recliner together. You can unscrew them using a screwdriver or drill. Once they’re loose and removed, it should be easy for you to take off all of the pieces around the area where the bearing is located.

Step 2. You need to check each of the bearings to make sure they are all in good working condition. If you find one of them is not functioning well, then it should be replaced with a new one.

Step 3. Once the old bearing has been removed and the new bearing has been inserted into place, screw everything back up as tightly as possible until there’s no more play between any parts .

It’s important to make sure that you’re not over tightening any of the screws, as this could cause more damage than good. Make sure all fixtures are tightened appropriately and your recliner should be fixed up in no time flat.

If for some reason it is still making noise or shaking too much after you’ve made repairs then you should check to ensure that no other parts are loose or have come unseated.

After repair, test recliner seating unit by sitting on it and making sure there is no movement at all . If the seat still moves during testing then you need to go back in and make some more adjustments until everything feels tight again.


How do you Fix a Broken Recliner Mechanism?

Tip 1. A recliner mechanism is a device that enables the user to change from an upright sitting position to a lying down position. Sometimes they are referred to as “rockers” or “reclining chairs.” The mechanisms typically consist of one motor and two cables, which run through pulleys on each arm-rest then connect with gears at the base of the recliner.

Tip 2. You can fix a broken recliner mechanism by checking and tightening all screws that may come loose over time, cleaning away any debris or dirt from the gears if necessary, lubricating exposed joints to reduce friction during movement, testing seat for proper operation, and then making sure there is no more movement at all.


How do you Lubricate a Recliner?

To lubricate a recliner, first find the joints that are being worn from use. If there is no movement at all, then you may need to replace some of these components with new ones. Grease should be applied sparingly for best results and avoid getting any on your clothes or furniture nearby when applying it so they don’t get stained.


Should I oil my Recliner?

If your recliner is squeaking or making noise, then it’s time to oil the gears. This may be because of dirt and dust accumulating on the bearings, so make sure you clean them off with a cloth before applying lubricant.


How do I Remove a Recliner?

To remove a recliner from its pKedestal, you need to loosen the bolts that are holding it in place. You can use a wrench or screwdriver for this, and once you’ve removed them, lift the recliner up and off of its pedestal.


How do I Make my Recliner Quieter?

If your recliner is squeaking or making noise, then it’s time to oil the gears. This may be because of dirt and dust accumulating on the bearings, so make sure you clean them off with a cloth before applying lubricant.

You can also use furniture polish that contains beeswax for extra protection against moisture and rusting .


Can Lazy Boy Recliners be Restuffed?

In order to restuff a Lazy Boy recliner, it is important that you get the parts and stuffing from the company. They are not available for purchase separately so if you do need any replacement parts or filling, then be sure to contact lazy boy first.


How can I Fix an arm on my Recliner?

Step 1. If your arm on your recliner is loose and moves around, then you can fix this by using a screw or nail. First get the measurements of how long the hole should be and mark it with chalk so that you know where to drill into the wood frame.

Step 2. Once done drilling out a new hole for inserting the fastener, just insert the screw or nail to tighten the loose arm.

Step 3. You can also fix this by using glue and a clamp if you don’t have access to screws or nails. First drill out a hole for inserting the fastener, then insert glue into the drilled hole before tightening with clamps. Once done wait 24 hours until it dries before removing clamps from the joints.

Step 4. The last way to fix the loose arm is by using a metal bracket that can be found at any hardware store, they are usually around $20-$25 and come in different sizes so make sure you take measurements before buying one. It will just screw onto the wood frame of your recliner with two screws on each side.

Step 5. In most cases, the arm should stay in place but if it doesn’t you can put a small nail through the wood frame and into the bracket. If this still does not work then try using glue to hold it together.

And that’s how to change bearings on a recliner!

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