3 Important Facts about Zero Gravity Position in a Lift Recliner Chair

A lift recliner chair is a type of chair that can be used by those who are unable to get up from their chair without assistance. They come in different styles, and the most popular ones have a footrest that can be operated with just one hand.

The zero gravity position refers to what happens when you sit back in this type of chair: your legs will stretch out straight, and your lower back should also remain flat on the seat. Here are important facts about these types of chairs!

Zero Gravity Position


Important Facts About Lift Recliner Chair

#1. Sitting in this type of chair for an extended period of time could cause blood circulation problems.

#2. The zero gravity position means that your legs will stretch out straight, and the lower back should remain flat on the seat.

#3. You can purchase these chairs at medical supply stores or you may be able to find them through Medicare.

#4. The most popular types of these chairs are the ones with a footrest that can be operated with just one hand.


Benefits of Reclining to Zero Gravity Position

#1. Zero gravity position can help reduce back pain, improve breathing and circulation, relieve insomnia and fatigue, promote healing in people recovering from surgery or an injury, including a broken bone or torn muscle tissue.

#2. The reclined position also helps to relieve pain from arthritis, bone spurs, or other conditions of the joints.

#3. Another benefit is that zero gravity position can ease digestive problems and constipation by relieving pressure on the abdomen caused by sitting up straight for an extended period of time.

#4. Zero gravity position is the optimal seating for those who have back pain.

#5. It’s also recommended as a temporary relief from childbirth, menstrual cramps, and sciatica.

#6. Rather than lounging on your sofa with pillows or sitting in an uncomfortable dining chair, reclining to zero gravity can provide you with the relief you need.

#7. It’s also beneficial for those who have chronic back pain or are recovering from an injury, surgery, and more!


How to Recline in a Zero Gravity Position on Your Lift Chair

Step 1. Once you’re seated comfortably in your chair with the footrest down (or up), lift one of your legs.

Step 2. Carefully place the top of that leg onto the armrest and lower it down, using gravity to pull you into a reclined position.

Step 3. Place both arms on either side of you with palms facing one another for added comfort!

Step 4. If this is uncomfortable, try placing pillows under your head and feet. Let gravity do all the work for you!


How to  Get Out of the Zero Gravity Position on Your Lift Chair

Simply reverse these steps to return to a seated position!


What Is The Proper Usage Of A Recliner Chair?

Our lift chairs are designed as an alternative to traditional recliners. They’re perfect for people with any mobility restrictions that make it difficult to get out of a regular recliner.

Rather than having to climb back up, you can simply adjust the chair and use its armrests for leverage to lift yourself into an upright position with minimal effort!


How to Fix a Recliner that won’t Recline

First, identify what is preventing the recliner from fully extending. It may be that you need to remove any objects on top of it or that your product has a power cord blocking its movement.

If these don’t fix the problem, call our customer service line for assistance!


Common Questions

What if I  need to get up out of the chair?

As long as you can push yourself back into an upright position, this is not a problem. Your arms and upper body can simply be used for leverage instead of having your feet do all the work!


If I don’t have any mobility restrictions what does that make me eligible for?

With the help of our specially designed footrests, recliner chairs are a great option for anyone looking to relax in comfort. They can be used by those with mobility restrictions as well as seniors and others who need support while sitting upright!


How Does this Chair Differ From Other Models on the Market Today?

There are some occasions where a person’s footrest will need to be adjusted. Most of the time, this is because their hips may not fit properly in the chair. This becomes even more important for heavier people who have wider hips!

A lift recliner chair also has benefits that make it much easier to get out of than most models.

The back of the chair has a small hole in it. This is what helps you to stand up quickly after reclining your seat!


How to fix a Recliner Mechanism

Tip 1. The most common problem with recliner chairs is that the machine stops working. This is why it’s always important to keep your chair in good condition!

Tip 2. There are a few different reasons as to what could be wrong, some easier than others to fix. Most of the time, this will involve cleaning out any debris or dirt that may have gotten into the chair.

Tip 3. The majority of recliner mechanisms work on a cup and ball system, with two balls that are constantly in contact with each other inside a metal container (the cup). This is what makes the movement smooth!


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