10 Ways to Lubricate a Recliner

A recliner is a chair with a back that can be tilted or leaned back so the person sitting in it can relax. Recliners are often used by people who have trouble getting up from chairs, and sometimes for watching television.

If you own a recliner at home, how do you oil one? In this blog post, we will talk about how to lubricate a recliner, as well as nine other tips on how to take care of them!


Advantages of Lubricating a Recliner

  • Ensures the chair is properly functioning
  • Maintains smooth movement of the recliner’s parts
  • Reduces friction and wear, which will prolong its life span.


Disadvantages of Lubricating a Recliner

  • The process can be messy and inconvenient.
  • You must first clean off all dust or dirt, then take the chair apart and apply oil to all of its moving parts.


Nine Tips for Oiling a Recliner

#1. Clean off any dust or dirt on the recliner before applying lubricant

#2. Drip some oil into small areas at first and rub it in with your hands until you’re sure how much oil is needed

#3. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the rubber or metal parts of your recliner. If you’re using an aerosol can shake it well before applying any pressure and making sure that there are no clogged air vents on the nozzle

#4. With a cloth rag, apply lubricant liberally to all the slides, hinges, and rollers

#5. Apply a coat of lubricant to the bottom side of the chair where it touches your floor

#6. Check how much oil is on each slide separately. You should see black residue left on them after rubbing in. If you don’t, apply more or less until there’s enough friction for smooth movement

#7. Run your hand over the chair and feel how it moves. Make sure there’s a smooth, lubricated movement before putting weight on it

#8. If you have upholstery that slides forwards when reclining back (or vice versa), apply some oil to these areas as well

#9. Let excess oil drip off where you’re not working

#10. Apply a coat of lubricant to the bottom side where it touches your floor. Reassemble and enjoy how much easier reclining back or standing up will be!


How to Oil a Recliner

Oil the springs, hinges, and armrests with lubricant. This will make it easier to open or close them by hand, as well as keep them from squeaking when you do so.


How Often Should I get my Chair Repaired?

If your chair is making noises that are bothersome to you, or not working how it should be – get a professional to repair your chair.


How often Should I oil my Recliner?

It is recommended that you oil the springs on average once every two years. This will help keep them from getting stiff and squeaking when opening or closing them with your hands.


How to Clean and Care for my Recliner

Use a damp cloth to wipe off your chair. Avoid using any type of cleaning product that will leave behind a fragrance or residue on the furniture, as this can affect how it smells in the future.


How do I Keep cushions from Sliding Around

Cushion covers are available and make it easier to keep them in place.


How Much Does it Cost to Have my Recliner Repaired?

The average cost of repairing a recliner is $75, with labor and parts costing about half that amount.


How do I Make the Chair Feel Like new Again?

Over time your springs will lose their ability to rebound as quickly after being compressed, and they will also lose their shape. To restore the bounce of your springs, have them replaced by a professional furniture technician.


How to Vacuum Lubricated Recliner

Vacuuming your recliner after you’ve oiled it will remove excess dirt and hair. Dust is one of the most common causes of a musty odor, so vacuuming before or right after applying any kind of furniture polish to ward off dust particles that have been exposed to air for too long can help keep away unpleasant odors.

To remove pet fur, hair, and dust mites, use a brush or crevice tool attachment to get into the cracks in your furniture’s upholstery. You can also invest in an inexpensive handheld vac, which is useful for quick cleanups on smaller surfaces like chairs with removable cushions or footrests.


How Much Does a Vacuum Cleaner Cost

The range of pricing for vacuums, depending on the features and how you use it can be anywhere from $250 to over $600 or more.


What is the Best Shampoo for a Recliner?

The best shampoo for a recliner depends on how often you want to do the task. In general, water and vinegar should be enough at least once every six months to keep your furniture in good shape.

If you prefer something more heavy-duty, products like Murphy’s Oil Soap are recommended as they have less harsh chemicals than other detergents.


How often Should you Clean a Recliner?

Six months is the average recommendation, but if your furniture has any kind of spot or stain that just won’t come out with water and vinegar alone, then it might be time to think about calling in an expert for deep-cleaning services.

Many experts recommend Murphy’s Oil Soap for heavy-duty cleaning. Murphy’s Oil Soap is made from natural ingredients, and the smell of this soap will remind you how much your furniture can be loved with a little care.


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