10 Styles To Recliner: Different Ways to Tidy Up Your Living Room

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think about recliners? How they are a comfort item, and how they look great in any living room. If this sounds like what you think as well, then read on to find out 10 different styles for styling them!

Ways to Tidy Up Living Room With Recliner

#1. The first style is for the person who wants to play it safe. The most traditional look, this recliner will match any living room set up and provide a comfortable spot for an afternoon nap or great back support during binge-watching TV sessions. Everyone should have one!

#2. Next, we’ll go more rustic with our second style. If you’re looking for a bit of character, this is a perfect style. It’s a more down-to-earth look that will still provide comfort while adding to your decor with its rich texture and color.

#3. Third on our list would be what we call “Mid Century Modern.” This piece has clean lines and an elegant Magog any finish with a high-backed headrest. Seats are upholstered in linen and it adds an air of sophistication to any room.

#4. Our next style is for those who like their furniture looking futuristic. The hard lines and straight edges make this recliner look like something out of the future, but don’t let that scare you off. This recliner is perfect for anyone who’s looking to add a touch of modernism without sacrificing comfort with the soft, fiber-filled backrest and armrests.

#5. Next up would be our “Designer” style. It has edgy lines and features that make this piece look like it belongs in an expensive loft or penthouse. This recliner is also upholstered in linen with a high-backed headrest, but the difference here is that it has angular armrests and seat crescent cutouts on either side of its back end for added comfort.

#6. This one’s called “Classic”. It looks like vintage furniture: clean lines and straight-backed, sturdy armrests. This recliner is upholstered in leather for a firm feel that will only get better with age and use.

#7. This one’s called “Luxury Linen”. It has the perfect balance of sophistication and comfort – it’s sleek yet not overly fancy looking, but at the same time, it’s made from linen and features a high-backed headrest to keep your neck aligned.

#8. This one is “Contemporary”. Its design incorporates metal accents with clean lines and straight-backed armrests for the ultimate in modernity. It has an upholstered seat that also contains more padding than its counterparts.

This one is called “Lounge Chair”. It has armrests that slope inward, which makes it more suited to reclining than sitting up. The chair features a slanted back with some padding for relaxation and comfort. You can find this type in different fabrics like linen or wool – so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your living room.

#9. This one is called “Shaker Footrest Chair”. It’s a lot like the lounge chair, but has no armrests and comes with an added footrest. You’ll be able to use this when watching TV or reading to put all of your weight on the legs instead of just the upper body.

#10. This one is called “Wing Chair”. It also has slanted back and armrests, but it doesn’t have the same padding as its counterparts. The design makes it more comfortable for sitting upright than reclining. You can find this chair in different fabrics like linen or wool – so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your living room.

Ways you Should Not Use a Recliner Chair

#1. Consider never using a recliner chair as your main seating and instead opt for armchairs. Recliners are designed to be relaxing, but not comfortable enough for lengthy periods of sitting. But don’t think that means you can only use them in the bedroom!

#2. They also work well in other rooms like an office or home library if they are incorporated as accent pieces. If you’re using them in your bedroom, this shouldn’t be the only seating available to guests if they are visiting!

How about a cozy chair and ottoman?

In that case, recliner chairs would work great in multiple rooms of the house like the living room or tv area. That’s because an upholstered chair can look great but recliners are always more comfortable.


How about a cozy armchair and footrest?

A recliner usually doesn’t have an ottoman, which is perfect for propping up your feet!

How about one of those rocking chairs that rock back and forth when you’re sitting in it? One of these is a classic and would work well in any room.


How about one with built-in storage?

That way you can store blankets or pillows while also having somewhere to sit!

How about an upholstered chair that not only reclines but rocks too? These are usually more expensive than just the regular old recliner, but they’re worth it.

How about a wingback chair? These are usually upholstered and have some armrest features so that you can sit while reading or watching TV!

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