10 Steps to Recover a Swivel Desk Chairs

Swivel desk chairs are a really cool way to make your office more comfortable. They allow you to turn in any direction you want without having to move the entire chair, and they have a nice design that looks good with most office furniture.

However, like any other piece of furniture, swivel desk chairs need occasional maintenance. If you do not take care of them properly or if they wear out over time, then they will stop working altogether. Luckily it is possible to recover them so that they work as well as new again!


In this blog post, we’ll go over how to recover swivel desk chairs in 10 easy steps.


Steps on Recovering Swivel Desk Chair

#1.  Gather Materials

  • Fabric or vinyl in the same colour as your chair’s armrests and backrest
  • Foam that matches the thickness of the original seat (most are ⅝” – ¾”)
  • Scissors, measuring tape, sewing needle & thread

Warning: if you don’t get a matching material to cover your whole  chair, then it will be a challenge to match the colour of your fabric and you’ll have some ugly spots


Attaching Arm Rest Coverings

Step 1. Measure how much foam is needed for each armrest cover (⅝” – ¾”) and  cut to size

Step 2. Measure how much fabric is needed for each armrest cover (to be combined with the foam) and cut to size. Place fabric on top of the foam, matching seams together as best possible. Sew around edges first using a ½” seam allowance. Then sew another line approximately ¾” from the edge to catch and cover the seam

Step 3. Cut off any excess fabric (around ¾”) with a sharp pair of scissors or shears. Sew close to the edge, then trim down on seams for a neat finish.

Step 4. Sew a second line approximately ¾” from the edge to catch and cover the seams for a neat finish. Cut off any excess fabric (around ¾”) with sharp pair of scissors or shears, then trim down on overlapping seams for a tidy look

Step 5. Measure how much foam is needed around the seat ( or how much you need to add) so that it is ¾” thick; cut the foam with a utility knife.

Step 6. Place a new layer of fabric over the newly covered seat and sew around all edges, catching at least two pieces of material on each side. Measure how much fabric will be needed for both sides (or how much more you need to add) so that it is ¾” wide, then cut new material with a utility knife.

Step 7. Fold the fabric in half and pin how you want the seam line to look on top of the seat before sewing; this will allow for an even finish

Step 8. Sew around all edges catching at least two pieces of material together on each side.


Best Fabric to Reupholster Office Chair

Many types of fabric can be used to reupholster office chairs. We recommend using a hard-wearing, thicker material such as heavy-duty cotton canvas with strong stitching and covering all the edges for durability. This type of fabric will maintain its shape over time without sagging or fading and it is perfect for high-traffic areas like an office.

A popular fabric with a subtle pattern is velvet. This type of material will add a little more texture to your chair and can be used if you want to create a luxurious look. It is also durable and easy to clean because the surface does not need to be constantly brushed off or vacuumed for dust.

We recommend you use a material that will be easy to clean and maintain over time.


How to Reupholster Bonded Leather Office Chair

Bonded leather is a popular option for an office chair because it can be polished to have the look and feel of genuine leather. However, over time bonded leather will start to crack and peel away from the base material. The following instructions show you can reupholster your bonded leather office chairs with ease:

Step 1. Remove all  the old pieces of fabric from the chair

Step 2. Place your new material over the top and make sure to pull it tight. Use a staple gun as you go along, making sure to not leave any gaps or loose areas in between

Step 3. Continue until all four sides have been stapled down.


Note: For your office chairs to last as long as possible, you’ll want to try and keep them in the best condition that they can be. Reupholstering your chairs is an easy way to make a chair look new again. If you have swivel desk chairs, then recovering them will not only help with their appearance but also increase the longevity of the chair.


How to Reupholster a Gaming Chair

Step 1. The first step is to measure the chair. You want to make sure the new cover will fit properly, so it’s best not to cut any corners on this part of the project

Step 2. Next, you’ll need a material that is as close in colour and texture as possible to your old upholstery. This way, when you  remove the old fabric, the new one will blend in seamlessly

Step 3. Now you’ll need to remove the staples from your chair. You can use a small flat head screwdriver for this

Step 4. Then flip it over and using an upholstery removal tool or seam ripper start removing all of the tacks at once  – Next, you’ll need to remove the old fabric from the chair. You can use a flat-head screwdriver for this, but be sure to work in small sections so you don’t damage the wood

Step 5. Next, measure how much of your new cover needs to go underneath each side and then cut it out accordingly. Be sure not to leave any excess fabric on the underside of the chair

Step 6.  Now, you’ll need to get out your staple gun and start putting in staples. Make sure that they are all going into the wood evenly

Step 7. If there is any excess fabric on one of the corners, you can use a small piece of scotch tape or double-sided tape to fix it.


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