What Is A Steam Washer? 4 Helpful Benefits!

what is a steam washer

What is a steam washer?  It is a specific type of machine that utilizes more steam than water when cleaning fabrics and clothes. While some people have already forgotten steam as an effective cleaning tool, some still realize its positive effects in cleaning fabrics. Steam can be gentle and reduce wrinkles, and make clothes even … Read more

How Many Cubic Feet Is A Large Capacity Washer? Consider 6 Easy Tips!

how many cubic feet is a large capacity washer

Have you ever measured how many cubic feet is a large capacity washer? Quality and high top-load washers range from 3.1 to 4.0 cubic feet, while large front-load washers have capacities ranging from 4.0 to 5.0 cubic feet. We always throw our clothing in the laundry without thinking about its capacity. Recognizing the ability of … Read more

What Does HE Washer Mean? Helpful Explanation!

what does HE washer mean

What does HE  washer mean? It is a high-efficiency washer that washes clothes with significantly reduced water levels & energy. Most of them use a tumbling action rather than an agitation motion. Most of them are also front-loading with doors that open to the front, such as a traditional dryer. Its drums also rotate following … Read more